Hey You!

Hey You!

1) Hey You, MM, Don’t get mad at me!

2) Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Will you marry me

Lord Sesshomaru?

-Love, Jaken

3) Mrs. Cincotta, Can you please please please feed me!?!?

4) Hey You, MM, You smell nice, you’re pretty, and unblock me on facebook.

5) Hey you, MM, WIll you go to winter formal with me??

6) swiggity swaggity

7) DH, I can’t get over your camo print pants and your style…I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂 #stayfierce

8) HP what bro what. naw. are you kidding, Raphael is totally the hottest -SE

9) Hey Newspaper staff!! read this. you know what you should do? you know what this paper needs?

students should be able to submit their own comics and artwork into the paper! make that possible!


10) Teresa you are not a savant

11) Onais better be there fool #NoShownais

12) #Bronais #SwagnaisNiazty #OgetahunnaNiazi #DoesntwearaPoloNais #OallNdayAerreydayIevenonaholidayS

13) SS, okay.

14) EC, you are bright as a night sky

15) Kshvl pls, I’m waiting for that tutu

16) MT, spreading speed of 207 wpm

17) DL, violence is not allowed in LD! Talk things out, you are a debater…

18) EC, You are bright as night as night sky

19) SZ, your spreading is really cute

20) DNA, Happy Birthday! (cake or cookies)

21) Ribon pls…

22) Kshvl pls. I’m waiting fror that tut!

23) MT, spreading speed of 207 wpm

24) Ben’s brother, get ready for triple Ms. Readye intros

25) NN, you’re so cute with glasses.