‘Catching Fire’ Burns Up at Box Office


Veronica Liow, A&E Editor

It is difficult for a sequel to match the power of its predecessor. It’s even more difficult when the sequel is part of a major Hollywood franchise, and harder still for a sequel (or any movie for that matter) to live up to its literary counterpart. Somehow, Catching Fire , the second of four installments in the Hunger Games franchise, manages to do both.

“It’s action-packed and keeps your heart racing. The ending was a total cliffhanger,” says sophomore Dorothea Cheung. Freshman Robin Fu believes that, “Through Katniss’s experiences, Catching Fire represented the break from the grasps of society.” “It was so much better than the first movie!” comments sophomore Keshovel Bachu. These people and their opinions are similar to those of many, ranging from teens to adults. Many believe that Catching Fire was one of the best films they have ever seen, including me. Where do I even begin to describe this film that reached $161 million in the box offices just opening night?

First of all, the graphic designs, from the shape and structure of the arena to the texture and individuality of the outfits –including Cinna’s fabulous mockingjay dress– were absolutely stunning, especially since it gave such a vivid view of what people saw in their minds while reading the novel. Also, the actors all played their part to perfection; they all morphed into their character and executed their roles in the most precise way. Johanna Mason, played by Jena Malone, was admired among many teens because of how rebellious and fierce she was. She represents the badass every teen desires to be. Finnick Odair was also a star favorite, not only ofthe Capital but also the audience! Sam Claflin matched Finnick’s seductive looks and personality to the utmost accuracy. The way he reacted to Annie Cresta’s cries, which were mimicked by the jabberjays, so excellently showed the humanity inside Finnick, especially to Katniss who realized then that Finnick wasn’t as shallow or Capital-obsessed as she thought he was. Last but not least, we have Jennifer Lawrence, who played the main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen; Lawrence’s beautiful acting portrayed the psychologically damaging effects of violence. It was evident during the Victory Tour how distraught and traumatized Katniss was even through all the fake smiles, all accurately seen through Lawrence’s acting.

Catching Fire is a must-see; the themes presented throughout the novel are sewed so neatly into the plotline, especially the psychological trauma of death. The actors listed above are only a few of the many that portrayed their character so well. To experience it all, catch Catching Fire at your local theatre today!