New Parking Lot System Poses Problems for Parents

Meghal Sancheti, Staff Writer

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A new parking drop-off system has recently been established to ease traffic congestion in the school parking lot. But to many recent late-comers, this new system seems to have created a few different problems with the drop-off system. This new system serves to divert traffic from the entrances of both DVHS and Venture School so that only students with parking passes could enter the school without any hassle, while the other drivers (mainly drop-off parents) make a roundabout to enter the school via the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center and exit through the main entrance.

Though the system means well, the reactions it has gotten from many students and parents aren’t too positive, hence the title of this article, “Parking Problems”. As of now, divided traffic must converge into one line outside the Performing Arts Center. This unstable route may have disaster written all over it, even without the fact that pedestrians still use the same route and must be given the right of way. One frustrated parent states, “Now I have to spend between 15 minutes to 20 minutes in ensuring that my children have reached school. As a working parent, I find myself at a disadvantage because now I have to remove extra time just to get the children to school. Also, if I don’t I might even be late to work.”

Some people, however, were fortunate enough to not be stuck with the short straw. If you take into consideration how many student drivers are now able to safely park their cars without the fear of collision, the method may not seem as faulty. And in the end, that seems to be the purpose of the whole idea; making parking easier for students so that they can get to class on time.