New Year’s Resolutions Tough to Maintain For Most

Ye Bin Shin, Social Media Editor

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year everyone! And now it is time to make our fresh new year’s resolutions. Many people decorate start of the year with fancy resolutions such as losing weight, helping others, cleaning house more…and various other hopes and wishes. 2014 begun with promises. However, according to University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 75% of Americans who make resolutions give up or fail to achieve what they wanted for the new year in a week with reasonings such as : it it too cold(in particular to go outside and exercise),it is impossible to achieve the resolution if they think about it now, or simply they are too busy to keep it up.

So is it truly worthy to  make resolutions every new year? Well… it depends…but generally speaking, we the people of United States are losing the original purpose of resolution of improving ourselves by thinking about solution for flaws that we have and actually take action as the thought. In contrary, people are just simply thinking of vague wishes or hopes that they want to achieve without really thinking about ‘how’ to approach to it.

It is very ironic because people know that they probably would not keep promise longer than a week or so, but they continue to make the resolution every year as if they are a necessary holiday decorations. So if we are going to continue making our ‘resolutions’ anyways, why don’t we make resolutions worthy of precious holiday time? Why don’t we do something to bring up the chance of actually achieving the goal that we set? What I can suggest are making the resolution as detailed(so you know what exactly have to do to reach the goal) and realistic as possible(not to mention that 31% of the resolutions are related to finding love … cough which isn’t in your domain), or making no resolution at all. Happy 2014! Best wishes to you!