Google Home Mini: beneficial or harmful?

Google Home Mini: beneficial or harmful?

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“OK Google, what is the weather outside?” “OK Google, set a reminder for 5 p.m. to do my homework.” There are many possible questions that you can ask Google Home Mini if you own one. Overall, I believe that a Google Home Mini is worth purchasing because of the vast variety of tasks you can vocally ask it to complete without even getting out of bed.

I myself own a Google Home Mini, and I use many features that it contains; weather reports, news, and music, In addition, other features include controlling the lights and thermostat if the settings are updated accordingly.

According to NPR and Edison Research, around 39 million people in the U.S. currently own a smart speaker, including both Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. Due to Google Home Mini’s recent release in October 2017 compared to Amazon Echo Dot’s release in November 2014, only approximately 10 million out of the smart speaker owners own a Google Home Mini. Regardless, this high ownership rate proves the reliability of these features. However, this device still defeats the Amazon Echo Dot because of it’s better quality assistance. The Google Assistant factually responds to many more questions than the Amazon Alexa.

In addition, the features are also very useful for a variety of purposes. I always use the weather reports to determine the type of clothing I should wear on a particular day. I also listen to news of my favorite sports teams every day after school. The Google Home Mini is one of the easiest ways to play your favorite music on a relatively loud speaker. All of these can be done on a search engine as well. However, isn’t it better to relax on your bed, not have to get up, and vocally complete your tasks?

The Google Home Mini also has some advantages over the Amazon Echo Dot. For example, the device has a unique pebble shape which makes it look less like an electronic device but more like a decoration in a house. It also frequently blends into existing furniture. The Google Home Mini speaker is also superior to the second generation speaker of the Amazon Echo Dot. Because the Google Home Mini is a more recent device, people often purchase this device to listen to Youtube Music. In addition, the Google Assistant App also is more stable than the Echo Dot since there are fewer questions that would provide a response such as “Sorry. I not sure how to help.”

Even though the Google Home Mini costs approximately $49, it’s still worth the cost due to the vast variety of features. In addition, due to its small size, the Google Home Mini is very portable. The Google Assistant App also works as a portable device since it can work independently of the Google Home Mini. Most importantly, the Google Assistant App contains a larger database since it resembles a mini Google search engine.

Due to its portability, loud speaker, and top quality digital assistant, the Google Home Mini defeats the Amazon Echo Dot, and I would prefer this device over any other smart speaker.