Hey You!

Hey You!

1) SS, okay.

2) Happy Birthday, KBear!

3) It’s so AWKWARD reading the newspaper when I’m sitting on the toilet and drying my hands …

4) i think ife, mimi, and liya should be the asb officers of our school

5) awk..

6) Mr. Bellows is the goodest teacher ever.

7) Wah Wah

8) Mimi, I love your fashion style!

9) Follow me on instagram @hbkshahed

10) Raise your hand if the Doctor Who Christmas Special made zero canonical sense. Thanks, Moffat.

11) Hey upperclassmen, any tips on studying for a 27-chapter AP history final?

12) ID! I promise you will find your Zak/Nerd Prince one day. Amin mela lle 😀 😛 ~Your (Hopelessly Romantic LHC Bookworm) BFF

13) Nin ore lin! 😉 We shall find our Zak soon..just not here. Hopeless romantics for life x)

14) Whoever came up with this is a great poet 😉 ~ roses are red, violets are blue. Guys are just trouble, and they stink like poo 😛

15) Caleb, you were debating i√ kshvl

16) Ms. Decker We Luv You- WT

17) Dead week= Give-students-more-homework week

18) kudos to people who still remember their New Year’s Resolution

19) KL get well

20) Liya I like your red beanie

21) PP your snapchats suck

22) whoever pulled the alarm, we’ll find you

23) Ms. Getgen, thanks for being the cutest Spanish teacher ever

24) Mr. Gendron, fear the tree (see you at Top Dog)

25) 49’ers are going to the championships

26) TL is cute

27) I give up on Chinese

28) MJ Happy Birthday! (ehhh)

29) AK Happy Birthday!

30) Frank & Claire Underwood are my new favorite power couple. Move over, Macbeth.