Someday, I will meet you
Whether it be through working on that stupid assigned group project

Or through you spilling coffee on my favorite tee-shirt.


Someday, I will talk to you until 4 in the morning

And we will play a game

Of who can last the longest without passing out.


Someday, I will realize that you are a necessity to my life, to the essence of my being

Like the wolf needs the moon to guide it through the night

Or like an alcoholic needs his vodka as it burns his throat and numbs the heartache.


Someday, I will go on dates with you

Cooking $1 ramen because we’re too cheap to drive out

Or laughing at my constant gutter-balls and failure to knock down a single pin.


Someday, I will embrace you like a surfer welcomes the ocean’s waves

And our hands will fit together perfectly like a silver lock and a golden key

And your heartbeat will become my favorite music track as I lay my head on your chest.


Someday, I will meet you

And this will happen.

We will happen.

But today is not that day.