Dougherty’s Winter Dance Show puts the “Win” in Winter

Senior Maya Marien (above) strikes a pose // Skyler Spears and Harmonie Yacob

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, Dougherty Valley presented its annual Winter Dance Show in the Performing Arts Center. Students from Dance 2, 3 and 4 performed a total of 30 dances ranging in style on the stage.

The Winter Dance show serves not only to showcase talented performers, but also as a fundraiser for the Dougherty Valley Dance program. It is one of two shows the program puts on throughout the school year.

A unique aspect of the show was that all 30 dances were choreographed by dancers within the program. They got to choose the song, style and meaning behind each piece. It is often a very time consuming process, and the choreographers are responsible for ensuring everyone knows the dance, in addition to keeping it creative and interesting for the audience.

“Personally, choreographing a dance takes me between a full week to three weeks. I take inspiration from videos I see online, a sense of personality, and, of course, my own style,” states JP Dy, a senior in Dance 4, on his experience about choreographing multiple dances.

One performance that was choreographed by Dy and his fellow Dance 4 classmates was “Applause.” The style of dance was a mixture of jazz and acrobatic movements. Dancers wore sheer tops and black pants that added to the theme of a contemporary performance. The impressive choreography, coupled with the usage of the modern pop song “Applause” by Lady Gaga, created a contemporary jazz piece that demonstrated how talented the Dougherty Valley Dance program is.

Contrasting from the fun atmosphere of “Applause” was a more serious piece, “Never Forget.” This performance centers around the story of 9/11. Choreographed by Lexie Astani and Simran Chodavarapu, this piece told a moving story through ballet-inspired dance. The serious but commemorative message of the dance left a large impact on the whole audience.

“My inspiration for my dance was because many people have gone through the pain of being left by a loved one, whether it be a significant other, a friend, or family member. I thought it was really relatable and wanted to share my experiences with others that might have gone through the same,” commented Celine Wang, a junior in dance 4, on dancing in “Never Forget.”

This captivating performance left a mark on everybody within the dance center, and while this was one of a few serious pieces, it did not disrupt the flow of the program. Ultimately it gave a deeper meaning to the whole Winter Dance Show and once again highlighted DV’s dance team.

Last, but certainly not least, the crowd-favorite “Night At the Movies” left everyone smiling and laughing. Taking on the theme of “Grease,” guys and girls danced together in a playful 50’s style dance. Most of the guys who were performing were considered “guest dancers” and were less experienced. This addition gave a comedic vibe to the routine. Despite the fact that many of the dancers were not very experienced, the whole performance went well, leaving the audience with smiles on their faces. It was apparent that the choreographers, Lexie Astani and Lindsey Azevedo, had spent a lot of time on the dance and it clearly paid off.

Overall, the Winter Dance show encompassed the talent that the DV dance program has to offer. From hip hop to ballet, each of the 30 dances provided something new to the stage. The Winter Dance show never disappoints, and leaves the audience excited for  the next show.