Ask Amanda: Stress, School, Sentiments, and Some Memes

Amanda Su, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much to those who submitted questions for this issue! Unfortunately, due to a lack of space in the newspaper, I was unable to answer every question that was submitted. If your question was not answered, stay tuned for next issue! Submit more questions for January’s edition of the Tribune via this link:


Questions about school & stress

Q: Dear Amanda,
How can you manage hard classes at school and sports at the same time?
— Anonymous
A: Dear Anonymous,
In the words of Brandon Shi, DVHS senior and varsity swimmer, “You don’t.” But he did note that you should learn to manage your time and take advantage of every free moment you have. You should also do your hardest homework first and do your “busy work” assignments later (since they require less brainpower and energy).
— Amanda

Q: Dear Amanda,
How can you get your lunch when you arrive at the cafeteria super late?
— Hungry Cats
A: Dear Hungry Cats,
If you’re late, go to the indoor lunch lines since they are typically faster than the outdoor ones. You could also buy snacks from the vending machine, buy food during brunch for lunch, or store food in your locker (e.g. cereal, crackers). Or you could just pack a lunch — something as simple as a sandwich or a salad — if that is possible for you. The school cafeteria also has microwaves, so you can bring meals to heat up. I know some people will say “just ask your friends to save a spot.” But please don’t do that. As someone who used to buy lunch, I hated no one more than the jerk who cut in front of me after I had waited for my lunch for around 20 minutes.
— Amanda

Q: Do you have any ways to remind yourself about homework (what it is, when it’s due, etc.)?
— Meiosis Twin
A: Dear Meiosis Twin,
You could paste post-it notes on your notebooks or your locker or use digital apps to set alarm reminders for yourself (e.g. the built-in Reminders app on iPhones, Google Keep, Google Calendar, Todoist etc.). In these apps, you can make a list of the things you need to do and either set a reminder for each individual task or set reminders throughout the day to remind you to look at the list. Some people also text or email themselves. For example, if you get assigned a science project, text yourself “Science project” and don’t read the text/mark it as read until the project is done. This usually works for me because I hate having unread messages.
— Amanda

Q: How do you balance self-care and work? I used to be able to finish the day’s homework in one sitting, but now that’s kind of impossible. I feel like every time I take a break, I’m being unproductive.
— Don’t Hug Me I’m Stressed
A: Dear Don’t Hug Me I’m Stressed,
You should do the work that you enjoy most during your breaks and treat it as what you do for fun/relaxation/self-care. For example, if you really enjoy reading your English class book and reading that book is a class assignment, then read that book during breaks between when you do your homework for math, science, etc.
— Amanda

Questions about memes
NOTE: I am not a meme expert and don’t advertise myself as one.

Q: Dear Amanda,
Do memes come before dreams?
— Meme Big Boy
A: Dear Meme Big Boy,
Make memes your dreams.
— Amanda

Q: What is your favorite meme? In what way does it impact society on an intellectual level?
— Edgy Teen
A: Dear Edgy Teen,
From Armaan: “The Arthur fist meme.” Memes, in their purest form, are supposed to “destroy childhoods.”
— Amanda

Q: Dear Amanda,
Is it weird to take pictures of funny things in my textbooks and turn them into memes?
— Socially Awkward Penguin
A: Dear Socially Awkward Penguin,
— Amanda

Questions about love, friendship & family

Q: Dear Amanda,
There’s someone I think I kind of have feelings for, but I can’t tell if it’s just platonic love or if it’s romantic. How would you determine when it crosses the line between the two?
— To love or not to love
A: Dear To love or not to love,
I asked several Tribune staff members who are in/have been in relationships and they said that you know you like someone as more than a friend when:
– You CANNOT stop thinking about them
– You have mention-itis (i.e. you catch yourself bringing up their name a lot)
– You overthink every conversation and interaction you’ve had with them
– You over-plan your text messages to them
– You really, really look forward to seeing them everyday
— Amanda

Q: How to nicely tell someone you’re “not interested”?
— Mitosis Twin
A: Dear Mitosis Twin,
You could drop hints here and there, maybe by always talking about other people, distance yourself from them and never let yourself be alone with them (i.e. always be with another person when you’re with them).
— Amanda

Q: Do you think someone will ever like me?
— johnmoon
A: Dear johnmoon,
— Amanda

Q: If there is an argument between your wife and your mother, who do you side with?
— Hussain Ali
A: Dear Hussain Ali,
Your wife. She chooses to love you, while your mother is obligated to.
— Amanda

Question from Tim Huang (because I saw him submit it in AP Econ haha)

Q: Dear Amanda,
How can I stop forgetting … everything?
— Forgetful uhhhh what’s my name?
A: Dear Forgetful,
You are Tim. Do not forget that.
— Amanda