Varsity and JV Cheer harmonize


Skyler Spears

Cheer peforms half time show at Livermore game

Caroline Lobel and Claire Zhang

The football game was held at the DVHS Stadium on Friday, Sept. 29 against the Livermore Cowboys. JV cheered alongside Varsity from the beginning up until the end of halftime. This is the most special night for the cheer team. It’s the only time where both teams collaborate with each other because it’s what differentiates the homecoming game from a regular home game.

Senior Hailey Heyes says, “It’s really cool to see the entire program and band perform together.”

The cheers executed during the game include “Victory”, “Wildcat Rumble”, and “Go Go G-O”.  Although JV and Varsity performed the same cheers, there were difficulties in merging the two groups for this game. The halftime performance groups were split based on mostly height but also skill.

According to Coach Chatto, the team needed “a lot more extra practice to coordinate all 55 –  cheerleaders.” Sophomore JV Cheerleader Daniella Nolasco says, “There were so many people, which made it hard to coordinate.” Senior Varsity Captain Salonia Harper also gave her input. “The pyramid took a long time to get and work on,” she said.

During the first two quarters, JV cheered towards the end of the field, whereas Varsity was in the center. Aside from all of the cheers completed throughout the night, the halftime performance was the most important. The lights illuminated on the cheerleaders as the made their way center field.

The highlight of the routine were the pyramids. The two outer groups form arabesques with bracers, the people supporting them, and the middle group is in extension liberty with a bracer in prep. Once the pyramids are done, the three groups combine and the two outer fliers do a show-and-go and the inner groups do a front flip cradle.

Overall, Harper’s thoughts on her teammates are that “everyone’s so uplifting and nice” and they “get work done but also have a lot of fun.” She also says that it was a “really fun last homecoming game.”