Cheer lights up stadium with Wildcat spirit

The DV Varsity Cheer team kicked off the first home game of the year with a lot of spirit to wake up the inner Wildcat of everyone in the crowd.

Sept. 8 was Dougherty’s first home football game of the season and the cheerleaders couldn’t be more excited. The 24-member team was full of enthusiasm throughout the game. During halftime, the team broke out into various stunts, including extensions, liberties and preps.

“The first home game has the most spirit of the year,” said senior and Captain Megan Hooks.

Throughout the game, the cheer team kept the crowd filled with spirit and hope, despite the losing score. The team used numerous cheers to hype up the crowd and keep them positive.

When asked what their favorite cheer or moment of the night was, the majority of fans said either the homecoming proposal or the Wildcat Rumble.

 The Wildcat Rumble seems a crowd favorite since it’s easy to remember, so everyone can chant along: “Everybody do the Wildcat Rumble, everybody do the Wildcat Rumble. Stop. Drop. And Rumble.” To go with it are easy dance moves and a catchy chant that makes the crowd go wild as they rumble along with the cheerleaders. Apart from the Wildcat Rumble, the crowd also adored the homecoming proposal.

Ally Brady, a senior, said, “The girls held me up, with a sign that said ‘Luca, will you fly to homecoming with me?’”  

The crowd chanted her name and cheered her on as she proudly held up the sign.

When asked whether the season is different from past seasons, Captain Sara White (senior), replied, “This season, we were able to incorporate different skill sets that the team brings to the table. It helps us as choreographers to make the team more visually appealing.”

When asked about plans for the year, Coach Chatto commented, “[The cheer team] is focusing on keeping traditions, from a spirit standpoint. Having school spirit is the biggest goal.”

According to Chatto, the girls are more than prepared for the upcoming games because of their hard practice and efforts. A new trick added to the stunt list this year is a “pop off”.  

Coach Chatto was an athlete herself back when she was in school.

She believes that cheer is just as athletic as any other sport and that both talent and motivation are needed to succeed in the sport.

Not only does being on the cheer team require lots of leadership, it also requires a lot of team bonding. A lot of work is required to make the team function.

Hooks says that the team is “like a family” and that they work very well together.

“The rest of the season is only going to progress,” Chatto  said.