Creepy, curious and cultivating: the world of Buzzfeed Unsolved

The hit show “Buzzfeed Unsolved” has recently become Buzzfeed Blue’s most popular segment, drawing in viewers all over the world. Hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej narrate short unsolved crimes or haunted spots for viewers. There are three seasons, each with a slightly different theme. The first and third seasons are called “True Crime”, while the second season was dubbed “Supernatural”.

One of the key factors that separates “Buzzfeed Unsolved” from the many other crime channels on YouTube is the detailing of each case. Shane and Ryan delve deep into each mystery, reviewing facts of each crime. They overlook nothing, thoroughly conducting their research.

“Buzzfeed Unsolved” alternates between “True Crime” and “Supernatural”. Currently, season 3 of “True Crime” is in session. It offers a unique look into unsolved cases ranging from disappearances to murders. In each episode a case is presented along with all the known facts about it to allow the viewer to understand the case and guess what may have happened. After the case is displayed, the top theories are posed by Ryan, who goes into detail about each theory and gives Shane the chance to offer his opinion. Usually they will state what they think happened, but ultimately it remains unsolved and the viewer is left to decide for themselves.

After presenting the specific case(s), Ryan shares all of the theories on what could have happened. He tries to include a variety of theories no matter how obscure. Oftentimes Ryan will even go as far as to claim the strange disappearance was due to alien abductions.

Avid “Buzzfeed Unsolved” fan Hanna Saleh, junior, describes her favorite aspect of the show, saying, “Hearing about debated theories at the end is really cool too because you can form your own opinions and do your own research.”

However crazy these theories may sound, they shed light onto the case and can potentially provide some sort of closure to the strange mystery. People can also form their own theories, which it leads to some fun dialogue between Ryan, Shane and the audience as to what actually happened.

Shane and Ryan also like to lighten up the serious mood of the show by adding little comedic anecdotes and opinions. They often go onto tangents about the bizarre parts of the case and can make you laugh whilst listening to some gruesome cases. Shane’s commentary in the “Supernatural” season became an internet sensation. His dark humor captured audiences all around. His famous words “Hey demons, it’s ya boy” boosted viewings for the YouTube series.

There is quite a debate over whether “Supernatural” or “True Crime” is the best season. Many like “Supernatural”’s ghost hunter vibes, while others believe it’s fake and staged. Fans like Christina Garcia argue that “Supernatural” shows different places around the world, giving viewers something really interesting to watch.

In contrast, fans like Saleh would claim that “True Crime” is more factual based and less staged. It is more about the actual crime and mystery aspect of it, and less about proving some theories true.

It all really boils down to who you like best as a host. Some stay neutral in this debate, while others have a clear side in the manner.

“I like Shane much better because he gives the show some humor and makes me laugh,” Hannah shares. “He knows how to lighten the mood.”

Which host you like best most likely depends on your personality. Both Shane and Ryan have distinct qualities that make them special.

While the two are best friends in real life, they serve as direct opposites in the show. Ryan is a believer in ghosts, demons and aliens. He is also an avid conspiracy theory fan. This makes the “Supernatural” season a rough one for him. On almost every trip to haunted locations, he is terrified and provides all the viewers who are scared someone to relate to.

Shane acts as the foil to Ryan in all things supernatural. He only trusts logic and hard evidence. This allows him to approach the “Supernatural” season with a much more level head to provide comedic relief in the scary moments. Both of them approach the “True Crime” season with curiosity and often agree more on the subject, but they still often find each other on opposite sides of what actually happened.

There’s something about mysteries that captures our attention as humans, perhaps it’s our curiosity in the unknown or our need to know everything. The spirit world and bizarre crime have captured society for decades. “Buzzfeed Unsolved” is no different, finding a unique balance of humor and crime, while encapsulating the growing YouTube population.