The San Ramon Library debuts a $6 million renovation with Stormtroopers, stories & sound


Having been closed for nearly two years, the San Ramon Library, a member of the Contra Costa County Libraries, finally reopened after a $6 million project of renovations on April 15.

The joyous event began with motivational speeches from the multiple librarians, city services commissioner and San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson. Each speaker communicated to the visitors their extensive enthusiasm for the technological renovations of the San Ramon Library and the various ways the library reopening will help further educate people of the community.

“There were three main goals behind the renovation. We wanted to create a new library, be able to afford the renovations and make sure it satisfied the goals of the people of our community,” said Clarkson.

The moment the visitors were patiently waiting for finally arrived; the doors of the San Ramon Library opened for the first time in nearly two years. Many enthusiastic visitors played a passport game arranged by the opening day staff in which they had to walk to six different places in the library, receive stamps from the staff in that place and earn a prize after their sixth stamp. This game was especially entertaining to the children at the event. Other visitors simply explored the newly built sections of the library or used their Contra Costa County Library cards to check out the newly purchased books. Other activities included a photo booth with cartoon characters, story-time for children, butterfly crafting and an Escape Room game for adolescents.

“It blew my socks off and it was amazing. I appreciated that all the city and council representatives were there. During the ceremony, they honored the head librarian to a great extent,” said Catherine Grijalva, DV Library Media Coordinator.

Unlike the previous library, the newly renovated education center contained distinguished sections for children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, there was more workspace with computers for students and adults to complete their daily tasks. The city tried their best to satisfy the needs of the community by including more technology in the library workspaces. For example, chairs and tables had inserted power outlets to charge electronic devices. Most uniquely, there was a jazz section upstairs with two listening rooms.

“We think these renovations will encourage reading. It might expose people to more social media because of the technological improvements,” said Steve Flerson, San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department Commissioner.

This library accomplished its goal by providing an ample amount of technologically improved work spaces for people of the community to complete their personal and assigned tasks. As a result, the renovations of the San Ramon Library have significantly satisfied the personal needs of the San Ramon community.

“I think when you create an attractive community with great facilities, you would have an overwhelming response. Literacy is a very important component in our community, and libraries play a huge role in that,” said Clarkson.