Lady Wildcats soccer falls to Foothill Falcons

On Jan, 12, the women’s soccer team was defeated by the Foothill Falcons due to weak defense displayed by the Wildcats.

After losses in league games against California, Monte Vista and Carondelet, the Wildcats knew there were aspects of the game they needed to improve as soon as possible.

“We needed to be extremely organized and disciplined defensively. I know the majority of those players and I knew that if we had any type of lapses defensively we would get punished. On the attacking side of the ball we needed to play with a quick tempo and move the ball from side to side,” states Coach Luis Siu.

In the first half of the game, the Falcons dominated, scoring a total of two goals. Not long after the game began, the Falcons scored, gaining their first point. Despite the fact that the Wildcats played offense for the majority of the half, they couldn’t score.

With around seven minutes left in the half, the Falcons broke through the Wildcats’ defense and scored again, widening the gap to 2-0.

During the second half of the game, the Wildcats attempted to recoup from their losses in the first half, but ultimately could not recover. Action was widespread during this half and the Wildcats continued their offensive attempts. Despite Dougherty’s efforts, Foothill made another goal with 16 minutes left in the half.

However, junior Charley Okmin scored Dougherty’s first point after a free kick, lessening the gap. With a two-point deficit, the Wildcats continued in their offensive efforts. However, the Wildcats ultimately lost the game 3-1 against the Falcons.

Coach Siu noted that certain game mistakes led to the Wildcats’ loss.

“We had some really good opportunities in front of goal. The biggest issues we had is that we didn’t close down space in dangerous parts of the field, which in turn led to easy shots and goals,” Siu stated.

Sophomore Brookelyn Bochenek expressed the same sentiments as Coach Siu.

“We could’ve done better. We essentially kind of gave them the opportunity to score the goal,” Bochenek noted.

The Lady Wildcats will next play the Monte Vista Mustangs in an away game on Jan. 31 at 6 p.m.