Homecoming season and planning begins

Anumita Jain, Amanda Lin, and Megan Tsang

Homecoming season is in full swing as Leadership and class officers work extra hard to ensure a successful Homecoming, and of course a win for their class.

One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming homecoming season is that the Homecoming Committee plans to incorporate this year’s theme into the homecoming dance.

“Because our Homecoming is Vegas-themed, we’re trying to have decorations and food kind of similar to that,” Sophomore Ashna Valia notes.

The committee also promises an exciting new food item that is “something good, something that everyone likes.”

The committee has been at hard work since July.

Implying an exciting season ahead, the Homecoming committee notes, “We always start at the same time but I think we’ve been more efficient this year.”

The committee has been planning with multiple goals in mind, the most significant being to bring in a large crowd, unite the student body and make the dance inclusive of everyone.

When asked how they plan on dealing with the expected large crowd, the Homecoming committee cites the idea that was implemented last year. “Last year we had the VIP line- if you brought three or more cans of food then you could cut the line and go through a shorter one. We’re going to be doing that again this year.”

Plans are currently in the making for a more efficient coat check system as well.

One noticeable change in the Homecoming festivities this year is the absence of the parade and floats.

ASB Vice President Jake Echsner says, “Building and skits are usually the most fun and usually nobody wants to do the float because it doesn’t get as much recognition as the other two and it’s not really as hyped up. I think it was smart so more people can focus on what we actually like to do.”

Sophomore Class President Jesse Barron explains “We’re going to do the float every four years from now on.”

The sophomore class feels more confident this year about their part in the Homecoming festivities.

Sophomore Class President Jesse Barron says, “It’s more organized so we have that going for us and I feel like now that we’re sophomores we can plan a lot more.”

Barron shares the sophomores’ plans for their building, explaining “Since our theme is treasure Island, we were planning on having a lot of pirate stuff in our building.”

However, Barron still expresses his qualms. “I’m really nervous about the amount of kids that would want to participate.” He also proposes a plan to combat this issue. “I think if the underclassmen team up together and do it right, we can definitely defeat the upperclassmen.”

Sophomore Stephanie Bucuroaia explains her goals for Homecoming this year. “I just want everyone to come together and enjoy homecoming because it’s the only dance that every single grade level can attend.”

The juniors also have a lot of hopes for Homecoming this year. “For the junior class as a whole, our goal is to beat the seniors and also just to get as much involvement as possible from our class and get good turnouts at our meeting and hopefully just have students get excited about it and hype it up,” President Andre Kar states.

When asked about the skit and building plans the juniors have this year, Kar has high hopes. “I think what’s changed from last year to this year is that our class has gotten more unified and spirited. I think because last year we beat the seniors in skit and we thought, if we can do this once, we can do it again. I feel like that’s the mindset a lot of us have which can be really really good sometimes. Overall it’s great spirit and our class population has increased a lot.”

When asked specifically about the building plan, Junior Class Vice President Rahul Reddy says, “For building this year, we met over the summer and fully planned out the building. We’ll be going from shiny lights in the beginning and going further down into the tomb of Egypt, just like Luxor is.” He also adds a little teaser about the skit.

“We’re going to do a lot of cool and exciting things that we’ve never done before,” Reddy promises.

ASB Treasurer Supriya Ravishankar states, “I think my hopes for this Homecoming is to just make it memorable and something that seniors can remember for the rest of time and create a very unified class.”

“Last year the juniors were kind of all over the place in a way … but I think this year that’s going to change because people are more willing to participate and willing to put themselves out there because it’s their last year,” Ravishankar stated. “I think for our class, one concern that I have is maybe it’s going to be too awesome. As long as we’re having fun as a class, it’ll be good.”

The ever ambitious Homecoming committee is already looking to make next year’s Homecoming even better.

“Something we do after every event is list things that went well and things that didn’t go so well,” one member explains. “Evolving from that for the next year and seeing how those things have improved is really fun.”