Technology in the fashion industry

Technology is always developing throughout the years. From more advanced phones, tablets, cars etc.,technology keeps growing. But have you ever thought of technology being involved in the fashion industry? Well it turns out that technology is making a move in fashion.

Along with technology, fashion is always changing in style and trend. But now it’s changing with advancements of technology. According to “Can tech give the fashion industry a sustainability makeover?” by The Guardian News, Google and Levi’s have announced that they’re partnering up for Project Jacquard that will develop a fabric that is capable of sending commands such as gestures like tapping or swiping to your smartphone. Ralph Lauren has also already offered a t-shirt for $295 that sends workout data to your iphone.

What is the reason behind this project? Well, according to “Can tech give the fashion industry a sustainability makeover?”  the reason behind this project is for environmental issues to be addressed. Behind all the fancy supermodels and clothing, the fashion industry has been exposed to pollution in streams and rivers which have chemicals that come from the factories.

Other companies have been working to stop fashion from being a waste. They have been reusing old clothes and rather than wasting them turning it into something that will not affect the industry.    

Although this is a new step for the fashion industry it’s one that will make a difference. Also,by having technology in fashion it can allow us to have easier access to our phones and be stylish all at the same time.