2016 Summer Trends

Esmerai Serralde, Staff Writer

Summer is only a couple months away. Summer is the season for bold bright colors and daring styles. For this season, shorts, dresses, tank-tops and short sleeve shirts are the usual styles. Accessories such as hats, sunglasses and purses also play a part in this hot season.

A simple tee and shorts is the usual street style. Another simple style are the shirt dresses, which is a dress that looks like a long shirt. These styles are simple yet stylish and can be worn daily during the hot season.

During summer, patterns and bright colors are a popular trend, such as ruffles, floral, polka dots and stripes. These patterns can be worn/ combined together. Colors such as yellow, orange, blue etc. are popular during summer and add a bold style to your outfit.  

To add more style to the usual outfits you can always wear different accessories. Hats are a great way to accessorize an outfit. Especially with the different styles such as baseball caps, floppy hats and more, they come in handy and are a form of protection from the sun. Other accessories are sunglasses, purses and jewelry. All of these are easy ways to add style to a simple outfit.

Other popular trends are dusters, kimonos, and gladiator sandals. A duster is combination of a cardigan and a robe. This can be worn with a pair of shorts and a basic tee. Kimonos are similar to dusters, they’re just shorter, but can also be worn with the same style as a duster. Gladiator sandals have become a popular trend. These sandals can be worn with dresses or with shorts and tee. These trends can all be combined together to create a very stylish outfit.

Summer is a fun and warm season, so don’t be afraid to wear bold styles. Also all of these styles are popular and unique.