American exodus born from the grim possibility of “President Trump”

With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hailing in comparison to “President Trump”, Americans fearing an apocalyptic future have signed up to move to Canada, a nation welcoming them with open arms.

Among the places offering refuge to Americans is Cape Breton, an island taking advantage of American fears, advertising a gun-free zone, free health care, and socially diverse environment. To make matters more tempting for “American Refugees”, Prime Minister Trudeau has encouraged citizens to move to Cape Breton claiming, “Cape Breton is lovely all times of the year”(Huffington Post).

Juxtaposing himself farther from Trump, Trudeau continued on to say, “I prefer to trust that my American friends will exercise their democratic rights with a level of the wisdom of crowds that always ends up coming through in a democracy. he reality is that we will work alongside our neighbors and allies regardless of the political choices they make.”

Citizens of the U.S hearing Trudeau’s thoughts have perceived  him as a president long needed by America. Chuck Murray, an employee from an Atlanta law firm stated, “While you are here in the U.S.A., would you mind throwing your hat into the ring and run for President? We could use someone like you in the race!”

Murray wasn’t the only one who felt similarly, Morgan Annab, a female from Texas later said to Trudeau in public, “Can we keep you as our President instead of dealing with our joke of an election? Pretty please?”(The Star).

Comments such as those from Murray and Annab surfaced from all across the states, even Texas, claiming Trudeau to be the ideal president for America. After considering the practicality of what they asked Trudeau, citizens have ultimately decided that moving to a “Better America” aka Canada might just be the safer option.

While candidate Donald Trump failed to address the choice of citizens’ exodus to Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau was also asked whether he would condemn Trump and his campaign as mere hateful rhetoric. ““If we allow politicians to succeed by scaring people, we don’t actually end up any safer. Fear doesn’t make us safer. It makes us weaker”(ATTN:Politics).