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DV Leadership Smash Bros Tournament Rerun Three-Stocks Expectations

Alexander (Alex) Wahhab
Caden Harder (left) and Avion Elder (right) compete for the title of DVHS’s best Smash Bros player.

On December 8, 2023, junior Preston Yee and his leadership committee announced the DVHS Super Smash Bros Tournament, a week-long event that ran every lunch: a two-week-long competition that called for some of the best gamers that DVHS had to offer, ending with one of the most heartbreaking finishes that left one player falling down the stage and the other being crowned champion.

The Tournament was first held last school year in 2023, and Yee had wanted to emulate that experience again.

“I have a switch and play a lot with my friends. We chose to do Smash specifically because it was a more competitive game for the switch so it was easier to set up, it was [also] shown to be popular. We wanted it to be hype, … we turned the volume on during the finals and we think this event went well and will probably continue [it] next year.”

The scope of the competition sought the appeal of spectators and players alike, and this was achieved to great effect as the TVs and projectors displaying the Smash Bros games were heavily crowded around. 

Despite leadership only hosting one other instance of this event last year, the popularity as well as the absence of this type of spectacle showcased the more hidden sector of DVHS behind the academic and athletic accolades more prevalent here. 

As Tournament Player senior Marcus Lee put it, “The tournament was fun [and] I liked watching different people play the game.” This sentiment was widely expressed, reflecting the success of this rare occurrence. Yee’s efforts in raising participant enjoyment this year had many people grateful for his work. 

The tournament was fun [and] I liked watching different people play the game.

— Marcus Lee

Additionally, Yee’s organization of the Smash Tournament was aided by the previous tournament organizer, senior Tanner Kim. 

“When we were creating teams last year for the 2023-2024 school year I remembered Preston participated in the tournament and [was]  a great fit for the team; it wasn’t really planned but Preston did a great job,” Kim said.

As he had participated in this year’s tournament, Kim understood the importance of this event to people, relating to his experiences getting close to his own friends through Smash. However, it was his appreciation of what the tournament stood for that shined through the most.

“I think a lot of the events (mainly athletic) on campus cater to a very certain crowd, so it was cool to see a completely different type of tournament that was just as hype as the others. Overall I thought the tournament was a lot of fun [and it was] cool to see new people and the atmosphere in the leadership room,” Kim said. 

In conclusion, DVHS’ second annual Super Smash Bros Tournament exceeded expectations, transforming from a week-long event to a two-week spectacle that captivated both players and spectators alike. Yee and his leadership committee recreated the excitement of the previous year’s tournament, revealing a hidden part of DVHS’ talent outside of athletics and academics. With gratitude from Kim, the tournament stood out as a unique and inclusive event, fostering camaraderie and enjoyment among students.

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