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DV Weightlifting Club inspires student lifting during access periods

Jack Ke
Senior Dev Menon lifts during club meetings.

This year, a weightlifting club at Dougherty was founded to emphasize open-gym use and inclusivity. Junior Bors Smith, founder of the Powerlifting Club, makes these norms known as he holds the club accountable to three essential rules. 

“At the start of the year, we said don’t disrespect people, practice gym etiquette and give your best effort,” Smith said. “We see that happen. We’re inspiring each other again and on.”

However, much of the inspiration comes from Smith’ own journey as a weightlifter himself. Though the gym can be a judgmental space with high expectations to lift a large amount of weight, Smith empathizes with others. 

“When I first started lifting, I couldn’t even bench the bar,” Smith said. “If you’re lifting, you’re already doing more than ninety-nine percent of people already.” 

Regular club members like senior Dev Menon agree, believing that the Powerlifting club allows for new gym members to join and be able to get into weightlifting. 

“Joining weightlifting club has helped me develop my form and learn how to properly lift weights with the assistance of others around me,” Menon said. “It made me more motivated to keep lifting as a result.”

During Smith’s time leading the club, he’s seen others grow as well. Especially, as he notices club members being able to lift heavier weights and set new records for themselves. 

“Every meeting, we see members PR’ing (personal record) with some heavy weights at 135 [pounds],” Smith said. “They’re walking around not looking down anymore. They got their head held high, chest out and they feel confident.”

Smith’s dedication to inclusivity goes beyond just being able to build confidence in others. He understands that students who don’t have access to home gyms are able to benefit from the club. 

“You can take weights here at school, but a lot of the freshmans can’t,” Smith commented. “A big part of our club is that a lot of freshmen can lift now. They’re in here getting it early on and training.”

What makes Powerlifting Club so great is that it’s during access, available to anyone of any gender and background. Weights of any size are available and members can choose from a variety of different machines. 

“The fact that the weightlifting club is during access makes it easily accessible,” senior Arhan Bhattacharyya explained. “Anyone can join and you can get any workout done.”

With meetings during access every Thursday in the weightlifting room of the main gym, Smith sees the time as a great opportunity to work out instead of wasting time. 

“A lot of people don’t like access,” Smith said. “People are way more probable to attend and join during access as opposed to lunch. No one wants to skip their food.”

As the Dougherty Weightlifting Club continues to grow to over 40 members each meeting, its impact reaches far beyond the gym walls.

“I’m able to reach my long-term lifting weights through the club,” Menon explained. “The club’s weekly meeting keeps me committed and accountable.”

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