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Dougherty Valley men’s basketball teams aim high following last year’s NCS victory

Greg Jungferman
Dougherty Valley High School varsity men’s basketball wins NCS against De La Salle

Dougherty Valley High School’s Men’s Basketball team has high hopes going into the current season. 

Going back to the 2022-23 season, the men’s varsity basketball won the North Coast Section (NCS) Open Division championship against De La Salle in a close game of 65-51, cementing themselves as one of Dougherty’s most successful sports teams. With leading players Ryan Beasley, Blake Hudson and Connor Sevilla leaving DV, current players have high expectations. As the season moved past, the current team is left with both the legacy of its success and doubt of what remains at its crossroads.

The victories of the previous season serve as the cornerstone for the team’s ambitions, instilling a profound sense of motivation within the players. For these athletes, the memory of claiming the NCS title and being crowned Northern California’s top team isn’t just a name, it marks a turning point of many players’ drive and pride in their game. 

It was the pillar of motivation that drove every player to be the best possible version of themselves on and off the court. 

“It’s only going to keep getting better from now on and I’m excited to see our full potential,” varsity senior Jayden Doty said. “Our main goal is to win league. Each and every one of us will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.”

In the face of the upcoming season, the echoes of past victories are not fading whispers but a gentle reminder of the team’s ongoing pursuit of victory.

The basketball team carries the weight of success as both motivation and expectation as they aim to live up to that legacy. Following in their footsteps, the main goal is to carry on the name as Northern California’s number one team. 

“Last year it set the bar high, and this year we’re trying to replicate that and build off of it,” varsity sophomore Ankit Anand explained. “This isn’t just about the end result. It’s about the practice and perseverance it takes to achieve the goal.”

However, with the graduation of key players, skepticism throughout the student body has arisen, raising questions on whether the current team can continue last season’s success. Taking a toll on the positive mindset the team has. These doubts and concerns have further amplified the motivation to succeed. 

“Since the bar was set so high, people say that we can’t replicate that success,” Anand said. “We try to ignore that or use it as a driving factor to prove them wrong.”

Rather than succumbing to doubt, the team channels it into a powerful motivator, transforming external skepticism into a goal to succeed. Overcoming the constant talk and commentary, the team continues to strive to prove their accomplishments and display their success. 

We trust each other and have confidence in our guys. Others can talk all they want, but we know that we’re in a great program with great coaches

— Jayden Doty

“We trust each other and have confidence in our guys. Others can talk all they want, but we know that we’re in a great program with great coaches,” Doty said. 

Amidst these changes and moments of wonder of whether or not the team can continue to live up to their legacy, the players stay optimistic and are ready to face any challenge that comes to them.

“We strive in pressure. We have a lot of talent and hard workers on this team. I believe we will surprise a lot of people this season,” Doty stated.

A common goal of persevering through hardship to prove what people deemed impossible is what keeps the team moving. Fixing on a commonality provides unity and balance, creating a positive practice environment that fosters motivation.

“We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves no matter what comes in our way. We persevere,” Anand explained

The essence of the team goes past the scoreboard. It lies in the shared commitment that the players have towards one another. Each practice, each game, is a contribution to the shared vision that they all have: to continue on the legacy that is Dougherty Valley Basketball. 

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