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Cricket Soars in San Ramon

Trisha Grover
Many children contribute significantly to the success of San Ramon’s Youth Cricket Association by attending both early morning practices in order to further enhance their skills.

A collection of aspiring cricket players residing in San Ramon, unite to partake in a competitive league, enjoying the sport they love while simultaneously fostering connections among individuals from various backgrounds. This attempt at elevating the profile of an underrated and skillful sport also nurtures a profound sense of unity in the community. 

The San Ramon Cricket Association, also known as SRCA oversees an adult league in the area of San Ramon, boasting an impressive enrollment of over 44 teams. These teams go on to play league tournaments that SRCA has successfully hosted for years. Their youth league dates back to the year 2016. Since then, SRCA has been dedicated to coaching, nurturing, and developing girls and boys aged 5 through 16, with the aim of cultivating the next generation of cricketers. Their focus is on providing young participants in San Ramon and Danville with essential skills to continuously enhance their game and instill confidence in their abilities. Presently, SRCA Youth features a membership of over 100 kids illustrating its positive impact on ambitious cricketers in the local communities.

 “I’ve been playing cricket for several years. It’s a passion that I have had most of my life. I love being a part of this team. We have a group of 66 members and we play at the Windemere Ranch Middle School Cricket Ground.” states Captain Kumar Chowdary Yalavarti of local team CSK Yorkers.

This team has competed in numerous games across the lush green parks of San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, and beyond, achieving victories and triumphing over opposing teams. Demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship, unwavering dedication, and effective captainship. They have consistently secured high rankings among all participating teams and aspire to maintain their successful trajectory.

“Our aim is to persist in achieving greater milestones through this team, while also inspiring more individuals to actively participate in and embrace this sport,” says another member of the CSK Yorkers.

In recent years and going forward, the Indian cricket team has revolutionized the worldwide perception of the sport, bringing pride and strength to their nation.

Several members of these teams have gone on to achieve further national recognition, contributing accomplishments that have significantly influenced the direction and stature of cricket as a whole. Among their most gratifying achievements is the representation of SRCA DCL players in the USA Women’s National and U19 teams, alongside the selection of current and former SRCA DCL players in the USA Men’s U19 team in 2021. Members such as Geetika Kodali have tried out for the USA Women’s National and made their mark. Recently, Saanvi Immadi and Trisha Bhima were also selected for USA Cricket Women’s Regionals Series 2022. They aim to broaden the legacy of cricket globally.

Cricket has seen numerous recognition especially with the recent involvement of India in the Cricket World Cup. Which has filled several members with pride.

“We were incredibly excited to witness our team play in the final, and although they did not win, India carried forward the legacy making many Indians proud with joy. Looking ahead to 2027, we are confident that they will undoubtedly perform even better. Despite the setback on that day, credit goes to the Australians who showcased a great game in the finals,” explains cricket enthusiast Siddarth Paruthi.

In recent years and going forward, the Indian cricket team has revolutionized the worldwide perception of the sport, bringing pride and strength to their nation. An additional feather in the cap is the upcoming co-hosting of the T20 World Cup by the US in June 2024, marking a significant accomplishment. As the game continues to gain global prominence, the cricket scene in San Ramon is also flourishing, with young cricketers passionately taking up the sport.

Residents eagerly anticipate witnessing cricket’s continuous growth in the years to come. The leagues they participate in draw attention to the sport, attracting individuals from different backgrounds. Regular park games provide a platform for inclusivity and with individual facilities, learning cricket becomes a seamless experience.

“Beyond a game, cricket is a way of life. It unites people and strengthens the community bonds,” says Amit Chaudary, another participant of the CSK Yorkers.

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