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Concert 101

Concert photograph taken with a phone that follows the tips given to take the best photos possible!
Nishita Mukherjee
Concert photograph taken with a phone that follows the tips given to take the best photos possible!

Drake, Travis Scott, Taylor Swift and many more artists have been and are going on major tours this year and the next. As more artists are starting to go on tour, it’s important to make sure that buying tickets, going to the concert and figuring out your outfit go smoothly. If you’re planning on heading to a concert soon, here are some useful tips and tricks — a.k.a Concert 101. 

Securing tickets 

If you’re looking for the cheapest ticket prices, there are two ways to go about it. 

The first is to be extremely prepared and on stand-by to buy tickets. This might include getting a presale code, which is an early access code that certain ticket sellers introduce before tickets become public. However, the availability of this code depends on the artist. This helps your chances of not only getting good seats, but also finding tickets that don’t feel like they cost an arm and a leg. 

The second method, which works perfectly for procrastinators, is to wait until the last minute. And sometimes it literally will be the last minute. Tickets often go on sale the day of the show, and sometimes the cheapest tickets are available just hours before the concert. This method is definitely a gamble, especially for bigger artists. You need to constantly check the platform the tickets are being sold on, especially once the concert date nears. Personally, I love to use Gametime because it gives me deals with my tickets as well. After you check online, you should also check to see if an artist is selling at their box office of the venue the morning of the concert. This does mean a lot of waiting and long lines, but remember, it’s all for the ultimate experience. 

As a final tip for cheaper tickets and to avoid the service  fee, look on social media platforms, like TikTok or X, to see if anyone is selling their tickets. Before buying, make sure you ensure that the tickets are legitimate and that the seller is pricing the tickets at market value or less. Other than this, it’s very convenient for both the seller and buyer. 

What to bring and wear

When you’re going to a concert, it’s always best to travel light. You never want to bring too many things, especially considering that they could be stolen. At most, bring a jacket, portable charger, any money you need (try not to bring cash, and put money in a secure bag.) Before you go to the venue, check their website to see if they have rules for the size of bag you can bring inside, whether they have a coat/bag check and how much it costs (this usually applies to smaller venues). 

For my ladies, don’t bring any mace or self-defense weapon with you, because it’s likely to be taken away. Instead, opt for substitutes, like perfume or cologne. Stay safe, and never separate from your friends!

As for clothes, make sure you’re comfortable above everything else. I know your heels might look really cute in the pictures, but trust me when I say you’ll highly regret wearing them. This is especially true in standing venues or if you have pit tickets. Instead, opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers.

 Figuring out the rest of your outfit really depends on the vibe and genre of the music at the concert. If you’re seeing a country artist, I can guarantee that some cowboy boots and jeans or a flowy dress is going to look great. For inspiration, Pinterest and TikTok will be your best friends. But for all concerts, even if you’re not dancing, you’ll most likely get pretty hot, so opt for clothes that you can breathe and move freely in.

What pictures to take 

This completely depends on your venue, but in my opinion, the best pictures to take are going to be in front of the board that says the performer’s name and date of concert. Either posing in front or having a picture of just the sign itself is perfect for Instagram and other social media platforms. 

If you want a picture of yourself and friends, do it before the concert. You will not have the energy or patience to take pictures after. And generally speaking, your outfit, hair and makeup is likely to get messed up after the concert. 

My biggest tip is to take as many pictures as possible, so make sure you have enough storage (you will be very disappointed if you run out halfway). For any pictures you take of the performer on stage, lower the exposure of your camera to get the best looking photos that look nearly professional.

Have fun and be safe! 

The last step is to enjoy the show.

Whether it’s your first or your 100th concert, it is a few hours for you to let go and truly have fun.

Enjoy the music, sing loudly, dance with your friends and cry when  you want to. It’s an experience that is special to everyone. It doesn’t matter how well you know an artist, or if you don’t know them at all. Music is meant to be savored, so don’t be discouraged to scream the lyrics (even if people give you weird stares, been there, done that) and let yourself enjoy the show to your heart’s content. 

As long as you follow the steps previously mentioned, keep yourself safe and go with the right people, you’re all set to have one of the best nights of your life. 

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Nishita Mukherjee
Nishita Mukherjee, Managing Editor
Nishita stayed with the Tribune not just because she loves to write, but because the Tribune is like a family too her and she aims to help grow and work with newer writers in the years to come. This will be Nishita’s third year at the Tribune, two of which she spent as a staff writer and this next one as a managing editor. She loves to listen to music in her free-time, as well as reading, working out, watching football, and playing volleyball. This year, Nishita hopes to help other writers find their passion and also continue to write articles that tell stories of others. If she could be any other person at the tribune it would be Shreya J. This is because Shreya J is an extremely talented writer, a hard worker, very ambitious, and on top of that is sweet and has the cutest style ever.

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