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Crate Digging: Chill for Fall


As autumn draws to a close, we’re reminiscing about steamed pumpkin spice lattes and leaves changing color. The comfort of fall can also be expressed through music with acoustic strings and dreamy aesthetics. In this edition of crate digging, we’ll be recommending some chill songs to be the soundtrack to this season.


Tanvi Rao

Artist/song: “Late Autumn” by Heize

Genre: R&B, Soul 

As fall sets in, singer-songwriter Heize comforts listeners with her 2019 album “Late Autumn.” The main track, “Fallen Leaves are Beautiful,” is gentle with its soft piano and occasional violins threading elegantly through the track.

The star is Heize: her distinctive voice is soulful and honest, encapsulating the sense of melancholy that comes from the changing of the seasons.

Though the track feels profoundly wistful, it still manages to provide hope in a quiet way. Also on the album is “Diary,” which starts with a rhythmic R&B beat. The song transitions from simple autumnal vibes to build into a full, stunning chorus. There is an almost-imperceptible echo to Heize’s singing, and the background vocals add a layer of strong emotional nostalgia. Through her artistry, Heize highlights how loneliness, like trees shedding their leaves during the fall, is only temporary. 


Emily Wong

Artist/song: “Pictures of Us” by beabadoobee

Genre: alt-pop; alternative/indie


Known as the talented “multi-disciplined songwriter paving the way in multi-genre alt-pop,” beabadoobee embodies the seasonal spirit of fall with her acoustic and comforting indie tunes. In “Pictures of Us,” she paints a picture of self-healing through her soothing voice, guitar chords and steady drum beat. This track depicts her vulnerability as she openly embraces the past versions of herself, as referred to with “us” in the song title. The repetitive lyrics but varied instrumentals showcase beabadoobee’s creativity and illustrate how she’s reliving her memories but with a new perspective — a more matured, accepting mindset as she lets go of her past. While incorporating elements of her indie rock style with a lullaby, melodies of Christian church music make way into “Pictures of Us.” She repeatedly echoes, “She reminded me that ‘God’ starts with a capital,” alluding to God in order to underscore the healing aspect of the song. “Pictures of Us” is the perfect song to find comfort amidst the changes of autumn. 


Anaisha Das

Artist/ song: Cherry-Coloured Funk by Cocteau Twins

Genre: Shoegaze, dream pop


Similar to the track’s title, the Cocteau Twins’ song “Cherry Colored Funk” sounds beautiful, a vibrant burst of maroon and warm colors, setting the mood for late autumn. The haunting synths and chime-like sounds from guitarist Robin Guthrie set the eerily beautiful tone, while lead singer Elizabeth Fraser glosses over the instrumental with her soft vocals and mellifluous vibrato.  Many may think that lyrics like “Beetles and eggs and blues and bells and eggs and then blued,” are odd, and there’s still mystery over the true meaning of the lyrics. However, the mood of the song doesn’t lie in the meaning of its words, but rather in the cacophony of the syllables, sounding as if Fraser is speaking in her own language. This adds to the song’s underlying ambiguity and allows the listener to simply immerse themselves in the track. More than 30 years after the track’s initial release in the 1990 album “Heaven or Las Vegas,” the Cocteau Twins leave behind a legacy of transcending genres with their dream pop and ethereal goth style. 


Rutu Tahasildar:

Artist/song: “Mind Game” by Miki Matsubara

Genre: Japanese Pop 


As an famous Japanese pop singer, Miki Matsubara’s masterpieces are incredibly well known. One of her more undiscovered pieces, “Mind Game,” is perfect for the transition between summer and fall. Whether you’re looking for a song to unwind after a long day or to create a mellow ambience, “Mind Game” is an ideal choice. The soothing qualities and ethereal nature make it perfect for relaxation or background music. This iconic J-pop track offers a captivating journey through the emotions that resonate with the autumn season. It’s a timeless gem that invites you to lose yourself in its melancholic charm as you sip on a pumpkin spice latte and watch the leaves fall. “Mind Game” is an absolute must-listen for anyone who appreciates soulful vocals, catchy melodies, and a touch of 1980s nostalgia. 


Andy Mei

Artist/song: “Waiting For You” by Majid Jordan and Naomi Sharon

Genre: R&B


In their single titled “Waiting For You,” R&B duo Majid Jordan’s relaxed backing track and singer Naomi Sharon’s airy vocals melt together into a soothing melody that wraps around listeners like a warm blanket, perfect for the onset of fall. Majid Jordan sets the perfect mood with their instrumentals, and the combination between the reverb and acoustic guitar in the background sets the song’s sweet and silky tone, while the repeating drum beats establish a slow, rhythmic pace. Naomi Sharon’s singing is then layered on top, striking a great balance between breathy and powerful, creating a mesmerizing contrast that draws the listener into the song’s emotional landscape. The lyrics tell a story of longing and anticipation, capturing the essence of yearning for someone special. With “Waiting For You,” Majid Jordan and Naomi Sharon have crafted a musical experience that’s both emotionally resonant and musically captivating, making it the perfect soundtrack for cozy evenings as the leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp.


Saanvi Haridas

Artist/song: Like Me by Steve Lacy, DAISY WORLD

Genre: R&B; alternative/indie


Fall, the season of changes, often brings out wistful and warm memories from our lives. “Like Me,” by Steve Lacy and DAISY WORLD, encapsulates all those feelings into a relatively lengthy but reassuring nine minutes. The song features three beat changes, transitioning seamlessly between the comforting and dreadful moods of autumn. A song about the self-realization and acceptance of his sexuality, Lacy embeds his journey throughout the changing melodies of the song. The first four minutes of the song resembles the beginning of the seasonal changes, a pleasing mix of repetitive synth and haunting drum beats that sets an eerie but somewhat nostalgic tone — like you’re falling into the calming season. Along with the instrumentals, the soothing overlay of the powerful yet soulful vocals balances the poignant and soothing nature of the first section. The song slowly transitions into the second beat, moving from an ambiguous and ominous style to a more upbeat and airy tone. The nostalgic chimes along with  the consistent synth beats and heavenly vocals by Lacy tie together the first half of the song. The final beat continues the upbeat rhythm but slowly relaxes into a calming flow with vibey guitar chords, wrapping up with a resolution to the dithering journey the song presents. This emotionally captivating piece is a perfect song to listen to beside the changing moods of autumn.

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