Sneak peek of Charlie Puth’s album: Promising for what’s coming

Charlie Puth, we first knew him from the hit song, “See you again” with Wiz Khalifa, becoming his biggest hit to date; his new album, Nine Track Mind, is not going to be released until January 29th, however, the 4 tracks that he released are rather promising for it to be the perfect valentine’s day gift for your valentine.


The most famous song of the album is of course Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor), I like the pairing of the 2, they sound very “in-sync”, as in how Meghan covers the high notes and Charlie covers the bottom end spectrum; the song is very upbeat and tight, but it’s my least favourite song of the album, it’s not terrible, but the 3 other songs definitely stand out more compared to Marvin Gaye. Suffer is about how Charlie and his date are, “Don’t keep me waiting, you should come over”, in a sense, it’s a bit like Marvin Gaye, but to me, it recalls a classic, Total Eclipse of the Heart; you must be thinking: “What are you talking about? Total Eclipse of the heart is nothing like a track from 2016!” You are correct, it isn’t, but if you listen to how Bonnie Tyler was trying to get her man to turn around and look at her right into her soul, she wants him to be envelop and feel her devotion to him; the same applies here, except Charlie is trying to tell her that he really really likes her and that she can trust him for anything. One Call Away is a track that you definitely want to sing for the special someone in your life, this track is telling someone that you care about them, how “when you’re weak, I’ll be strong”, a verse like this really hits someone’s heart because of how sincere you sound; Charlie definitely showed that he is capable of high notes, his vocals definitely felt soothing in this song as well, a bit like how Adele performed Million Years Ago, but not as deep as Adele. My favourite track out of the 4 however, is Some type of love, I think that this track should be the star of the album; this track just has a good vibe to it, it reminds me of how I was trying to comfort my mom when she was sad, or how when my friends were depressed about their grades (Chinese students…), to say that “when the world’s on fire we won’t even move, there is no reason if I’m here with you”, makes one feel that no matter what happens in their world, someone will always stand by you to support you.


Overall, the 4 tracks from Charlie Puth, are really promising for what’s coming on the 29th, while I can’t wait for the release, Charlie’s vocals definitely left me wondering what happens if he did covers of some classic jazz, the result could be surprising!