“Kornering” the perfect brunch place

There are numerous breakfast & brunch restaurants near Dougherty Valley High School and often times, these restaurants are popular with students on weekends and on minimum days. Rated number two on Tripadvisor’s The 10 Best San Ramon Restaurants, I decided to try Katy’s Korner, which was located around five miles from Dougherty Valley High School.

Katy’s Korner

2550 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, San Ramon, CA 94583


Test: When I arrived at Katy’s Korner around 12:30 in the afternoon on a holiday, I was surprised by the number of people that were still waiting in line, even though it was past brunch time and there was two more hours until it closed. The eight minute wait time was actually shorter than the twenty minute wait time estimated by the host, which was great.

The host was kind and patient when I was ready to order. I ordered a Dungeness Crab Egg Benedict, since that was something on the menu that caught my eye, and it cost a reasonable $15.. However, the food took a while to be served (20 minutes), which did not make the experience as pleasant as I expected it to be. Contrary to what I thought, the Benedict tasted excellent. The egg and cheese paired well with the soft bread while the crab complemented the spinach that was on the bread. The potatoes on the side were just right; they were not too salty nor too bland. Like the taste of the food, the presentation of the meal was amazing as well. At the end, however, I waited quite a bit for the check to come, since the host and waiters were not focused

The fixtures and quotes in the restaurant gave the restaurant a really rustic and homelike feel to it. There was also outside seating available, although chose not to sit there.


Overall: 4.5/5 stars

Notes: The food tasted awesome, but I felt like the service was not as good as I expected it to be. The pricing was reasonable and the setting was pleasant. Overall, Katy’s Korner is a good place for a weekend breakfast or lunch.