How DC Universe is Succeeding

Just as Marvel is dominating the film industry, DC has taken over the television industry with hit shows such as Arrow and The Flash as well as upcoming shows like The Legends of Tomorrow that leave fans on their edge of their seats every week. These shows have gained popularity through its likeable depictions of famous DC characters as well as reintroducing a few new ones. But what sets these shows apart are the crossovers that they do with each other. There have been multiple Flash and Arrow crossovers and multiple references to each other that work its way into episodes, which is unlike what any other company has done in television. DC’s shows show some continuity by introducing famous comic book heroes and villains to add to the roster of characters. The Legends of Tomorrow is made up of characters that have appeared on both the Arrow and The Flash, creating a sense of continuity that appeals to audiences everywhere.


Adding all these characters would only work in this kind of format for television because it can cover more ground than a movie. In a movie, it’s harder to keep track of a bunch of characters due to the time limit . With a television show, there’s more freedom to do what you want because there is time to work with, and therefore easier to introduce new characters. The producers don’t have to rush major plot points and the can have enough time to give viewers the best possible experience. Because of this, episodes don’t have to be rushed and characters get enough screen time. Legends of Tomorrow takes Dr. Martin Stein, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkgirl and Firestorm from The Flash and Sarah Lance and Ray Palmer from Arrow to combine for a super team unlike any other. DC is just adding onto the character roster and fans couldn’t be more excited about it.