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The DV Cheer team elevates football games with spirit

Kayal Kumaravel
DV Cheer team rousing support for the football team with their spirit.

Cheer has come a long way from being just a tiny chant from a crowd back in 1884. Starting as just a yell from a crowd, cheer has become a national tradition at football games. Although it has evolved enormously, the impact of cheer has stayed the same. Looking at the DV Cheer team, we can see how their energy fundamentally changes the spirit at football games.

Before the game even starts, the cheerleaders get into position in front of the student section, bringing an air of liveliness that would make anyone feel spirited. As the football players run out onto the field, they are met with immense support from the cheer team and the stands. Holding a banner that the players run through, the cheer team encourages them as they run. Immediately after they start with crowd-engaging cheers, effectively energizing the crowd and setting a tone for the rest of the game.

With every repetition of “Go Big Blue” and “Wildcat Rumble,” the energy increases.

Throughout the game, the cheer team never wavers from their position in front of the student sections, as they continuously lead them in cheers. Even when the DV football team seems to be losing the game, the cheer team keeps the crowd energized and rallies them to support the team. With every repetition of “Go
Big Blue” and “Wildcat Rumble,” the energy increases. It is a myth that crowd spirit is only high if the football team wins as even when our football team loses, the cheer team ensures that crowd spirit never wavers.

While cheerleaders are often considered as just an accessory to football games, the DV cheer team proves that they are one of the most essential parts of a game. The value of cheerleaders is often overlooked since they are always there to motivate the crowd and team. But without them, the football atmosphere would be completely different. Even at the lowest points of a game, it is the cheerleaders who keep the energy up and spur hope for the team.

Varsity cheer head coach Salonia Harper says, “[They’re trying] to keep the energy up because the football team feeds off of it.”

Without the cheer team, our football team wouldn’t have the massive amount of encouragement it gets at every game. Every game, the cheer team goes out and spreads an aura of liveliness and support.

Ezra Robinson, a current senior on the cheer team, describes the environment created by the cheer team and the crowd’s cheer as a community where everyone can just have fun and support the football team.

The DV cheer team does much more than just complement the crowd. They bring energy with them to every game that they go to and boost the spirit of the crowd. Without them, the spirit shown at football games would not be as high as they are. We should continue to appreciate the DV cheer team for all that they do for the team and the crowd at each football game. So be sure to go to the football game on September 29th and rally the team alongside the invaluable cheer team.

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