Segway Mayhem: Hot wheels nearly function as assisted suicide

Anirudh Iyengar, News Editor

Segways have gotten out of hand from being simple recreational vehicles to daily-used machines with newly rising popularity around these nearly useless devices.

At first, these so called “hoverboards” were mainly used by mall cops and tour guides as an easy way of transportation. However, companies monopolized on the recreation uses for these devices and began implanted their brand on these “hoverboards.” The truth remains simple that a segway can only serve one use, entertainment. With the rising popularity of segways, the near useless machines have become a thing of daily use.

Despite a lack of safety precautions, people are still eager to purchase these machines. Paul Hodkinson, a man from Kent, went shopping for groceries when he returned to find his home engulfed in flames. The result of the explosion was overcharging his segway. The London Fire Brigade later reported that this was one of the many explosions occurring from overcharged segways, bringing light to the fact that these devices lacked safety mechanisms.

Explosions remain only the first problem. While riding his segway over rocky terrain, Tycoon Jimi Heselden plunged to his death, a drop that was nearly 80 feet. The irony lies in the fact that Heselden was killed by his own machine, a so called “hoverboard” that he believed was appropriate for such terrain. Plans have been made in December of 2015 to make Segways more safe.

And while a lack of safety lies the greatest fault of Segways, public opinion has shown that purchasing these “hoverboards” and usage was mainly for show and not for any other use except recreational. Julie Bindel, journalist from the Guardian, says , “The level of showing off involved in using a Segway in public makes me want to scream. If they think they look cool they should think again.” Bindel goes on to claim that the segway will soon become as obsolete as the Liberal Democrat Party.

With these “hoverboards” massly produced, questions arise as to why people would want such a device. The apparent lack of safety and practicality with these machines would seem to avert people from buying them ; however, the opposite has taken place. Perhaps people have found fun uses for them that do not jeopardize their lives.

The true purpose of Segways according to Popular Mechanics remains “A device for fun that doesn’t emit gas and makings moving around easier. But in no way are they meant to travel places.”