Background checking 2016 candidates for qualification

Christian Alvarez, Copy Editor

From Donald Trump’s outspoken comments, Sec. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the recent revelation of Doctor Ben Carson’s falsification of a West Point scholarship, the individuals vying for the title of the President of the United States are off to a rocky start in terms of their legitimacy and character. There is more to talk about regarding each politician’s policies and platforms, but I will focus on breaking down each party’s top two candidates, their profiles and legitimacy issues.


Hillary Clinton (D)

Leading the Democratic bid, as seen in polls since the beginning of her announcement to run for presidency, Clinton is seen as a major contender for the democratic bid (Huffington Post). She adheres to the liberal agenda by advocating for the woman’s right to choose and the taxation of the rich, but is constantly attacked over her reliability because of several judgment calls, notably her handling of the Benghazi attacks. Multiple American fatalities could have been avoided but the lack of oversight by the State Department led by at the time by Secretary of State Clinton proved to be a significant component of lapses in security, which led to militant  attacks ts (Scott). An alternate choice for the former Senator and First Lady’s biggest blunder is the more recent email scandal, but one’s private business shouldn’t impact the legitimacy of the POTUS – a prime example being her husband.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

To crazy liberal fanatics, there seems to be nothing wrong with the cool, independent senator from Vermont. He is one of the few senators who actually opposed the war in Iraq back in 2002 (C-Span) and he wants to make public college free for everyone (Sanders) – music to every leftist’s ears; however, Sanders still has his fair share of weaknesses, notably his economic agenda and age. The majority of Sanders’ supporters hail from an age group that is barely a quarter of his age, most of which are enticed by the sound of social programs promised by the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist (ForwardProgressive). Although the prospects of such programs seem great, the majority of America might not be ready for such a drastic change that could severely exhaust its resources and capital.


Donald Trump (R)

Donald Trump will be Donald Trump, and there is not enough space in this student-run paper to completely sum up the character that is Mr. Trump. The real concern about Trump’s campaign is the manner in which he carries himself in public and with the media. Trump might have great policies regarding the economics of our nation, but his open misogyny and arrogance are key elements to the constant decline of  his polls.


Ben Carson (R)

The well spoken neurosurgeon from Detroit is significantly gaining strides in the race for the Republican ticket for the 2016 general election. His smooth, unconventional rhetoric seems to be garnering attention from the conservative audience, but key moments regarding his past have recently been uncovered, hinting a lack of reliability. Politico recently debunked Carson’s West Point scholarship, showing how Carson’s claims were fabricated. The falsification was later confirmed through West Point’s records, which indicated no sign of a Carson applying to West Point at all. Although Carson’s deviation from a political tone strikes a chord with the common person, his poor handling of the revelation of his questionable past shows his lack of experience that is vital for the succeeding President of the United States.
Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, therefore it contains opinion. Real events and occurrences are mentioned such as the scandals and news pieces, but the analyses are purely opinionated.