Clearing con-“fusion” at local eats


Andrew Chuang, Alyssa Zhong, and Anya Khurana

Asian fusion restaurants have gained popularity in recent times. Their trendy foods and unique flavors have sprung up throughout the East Bay. We sampled a few of our favorites to see how they stack up.  

Four Flavors

164 Market Pl

San Ramon, CA 94583


“Four Flavors”, a new Chipotle-style Thai restaurant in the San Ramon Market Place, has received 63 five-star reviews on Yelp for a reason. The restaurant’s goal is to provide quick, top quality food, as customers are given a plethora of options, such as carbohydrates, aromatic meats, seasoned vegetables, zesty sauces and delicate toppings, to create a customized bowl.

Test: When we arrived at Four Flavors about an hour before closing (8:30 p.m. everyday), it was almost empty. There was sufficient seating and tables were pushed together for our large party of seven.

The staff were friendly and patiently explained to us (multiple times) how to order a bowl. The line moved quickly and efficiently, and food was served piping hot.

Our order of two kids’ bowls, five regular bowls, one with an extra add in and three Thai iced teas came to a total of $58.40, about $8.00 per head.

The food was excellent, the meat was flavorful and soft and the vegetables were not overdone. However, the adult bowls were very big and most were not finished. During the meal, the staff were very attentive, asking several times how the food was, and whether they could bring anything more for us.

The ambiance was pleasant; there was enough seating (indoor and outdoor), with tables for couples as well as larger ones for groups. The orange walls added warmth to the space, and the minimalist decor kept it from looking crowded. The bathroom was fully stocked and smelled clean.


Overall: 5/5 stars

Excellent food, awesome service, reasonable pricing and relative convenience all make Four Flavors a superb choice for your next fusion craving.


Spice Kit

3151 Crow Canyon Plaza

San Ramon, CA 94583


Spice Kit, another Chipotle-like restaurant serving Asian street food, is located in the Crow Canyon Commons. Unlike Four Flavors, diners are first asked to pick a style that includes the following: Korean bowl, Vietnamese bowl, sandwich, wrap and salad. Then, diners choose their protein, which includes natural meat options or an organic tofu option. Depending on how hungry they are, diners can also order sides or drinks for an extra charge.

Test: When we arrived at Spice Kit around 7:00 p.m. on a weekday night, the store was empty except for the employees working at the counter. The staff member was friendly and guided us patiently through our order.

We ordered one Five Spice Chicken Bowl (Korean Bowl), two Steamed Pork Buns and one cup of Limeade, which totaled to around $15.

The food was quite flavorful and exceeded our expectations. The kimchi rice in the bowl added an unexpected spicy kick, which unlike kimchi rices served at other restaurants in the area provided the right amount of spiciness. The tender five-spice chicken paired perfectly with the rice, and the sauce added to the chicken gave it a sweet taste with hints of sriracha. The lettuce, cucumber and bean sprouts gave the rice a crispy and crunchy texture to it. The pork buns tasted fatty and meaty at the same time, with the lean portion of the meat complementing the fatty portion of the pork in every bite. The bun was soft and moist, with a sweet flavor to it. Overall, the food tasted great, although the meal was slightly expensive.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was welcoming and the restaurant was spacious. With industrial chic decor, the restaurant’s furniture and fixtures were aesthetically pleasing.


Overall: 4.5/5 stars

They had good food and great service, but it was a bit pricey and not as convenient (almost to Danville border).