Dougherty basketball finds new ways to engage spectators


On Nov. 19, Dougherty Basketball held the first DV Gymboree to increase school spirit and anticipation for the 2015 basketball season.

Junior Gabe Manansala came up with the idea of a Gymboree event that occurred.

He mentioned that the idea came from looking at collegiate sporting events.

“College basketball teams do this type of thing and other high schools are starting to,” he said.

The event consisted of half court shots, where members of the audience were tested to see if they could make the long shot, a boys v. girls 3-point shooter contest and musical chairs, in which audience participants competed to make baskets more quickly than their opponents to claim a chair. Additionally, both the women’s team and men’s team held friendly scrimmages.

While a few of the players were dissatisfied with the small turnout, most agreed that the event was a moderate success.

Senior Anthony Hoskins mentioned, “We had some fun out there. That’s what it’s really about.”

Players and audience alike also enjoyed the 3-point shooting contest and musical chairs activities.

When asked if she believed the event was a success, Julie Nash answered, “I thought they did a great job for their first event like this.”

Overall, the DV Gymboree was successful in generating excitement for the upcoming basketball season.

However, Manansala admits that he probably will not organize the event next year because of the lack of spirit shown this year.