Staying warm in the winter: a beginners guide

Danya Gao, Staff Writer

So you’ve looked outside(or at a calendar), and you’ve noticed that it’s November already. The frigid 55 degree weather serves as an unfortunate testament to your growing suspicion: winter is coming and you will freeze and die. Fortunately for you, I’ve harnessed the complete power of my California weather knowledge to bestow upon you the ultimate cold weather manual. With my superior guidance and mastery over the weather, you may be able to one day do what I have done and defend yourself against the fearsome west coast winter.


  1. Dress to impress

Break out your utility jackets and your maroon infinity scarves: it’s time to layer. Now that the 100 degree days are over, you can finally put on a jacket and stop dripping sweat. While snow pants over leggings won’t be necessary here, a jacket over a sweater can do wonders for those rare days when the grass frosts and you have to wear socks.


  1. Check with your friendly local weather app

Your friends have so many important uses. And while they can be used for a plethora of flattering comments on your Instagram photos, there’s another friend that resides on the home screen of your smartphone: the weather app. This valuable resource is your number one friend for when you don’t want to show up to school in short shorts on a 45 degree day. Most weather apps even include a 10 day projection, so you can plan ahead for the exact day you can bust out the fingerless gloves and the perfectly oversized sweaters.


  1. Hide-and-go seek

The cold is dangerous. And this winter, it’s coming for you. Hide from it! While there are a variety of methods for combating the cold, one internet source recommends beanies to protect your ears, for when you’re trying to stay warm AND get the perfect slouchy head look. Keeping your feet warm is also important, and fuzzy socks with cats on them are now sold in every retailer across the United States!