An analysis of 2022 fashion trends: the good, the bad, and the ugly


Ella Shen

This spring fashion trends include maximalist prints and vibrant styles.

Mitali Mittal and Ariel Wang

New year, new trends. Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the fashion curve? While we’re uncertain about what this new year has in store for the world, we’re positive that these trends will take the runaways and the public by storm. So, without further ado, here’s to a brand new year of fashion inspired by a variety of styles, from grunge Y2K to urban western wear. 


Tops  – Crochet tops 

I could see myself, or anybody for that matter rock crochet tops on multiple occasions. Going to the beach and need a light, breathable (and cute) cover-up? Crochet cardigan. Dressing up for a cottagecore-themed picnic? Crochet cami. The best thing about this trend in particular is the fact that you completely customize this top. If I learn how to crochet someday, the first thing I’m making is a crochet tank lined with strawberries. 


Pearl embellished sweaters 

If I wanted my sweaters to look like they had lint, I would simply avoid washing them. I can’t fathom how people unironically pick out sweaters with pearl embellishments, because at that point, why don’t you just wear a sweater you haven’t thrown in the washing machine for a few months? Flame aside, sweaters that boast subtle pearl details such as on the buttons or the collar can be pulled off with a tweed skirt or flared jeans. However heavy pearl detailing across the sleeves and the chest comes off as extremely tacky and gives off the vibes of a 2014 soccer mom going to a housewarming party. 


Outerwear – Fringe jackets 

Let’s face it: fringe jackets are only reemerging from their 2010s grave because of the recent cowgirl boots comeback. However, when I say fringe jackets, I’m not just referring to the ones with fringe at the bottom, but even the fringe…at the elbows. You see, the purpose of fringe is to highlight the beauty of motion, and sure, a swinging fringe bag could look gorgeous. But when it comes to having fringe at the elbow of an otherwise perfectly good trench coat? That’s a hard pass. If you’re looking to be the human embodiment of the ruffled feathers on a bald eagle, then this trend is for you. 


Bottoms – Maxi skirts 

Mitali: Maxi skirts and I have an exclusive love-hate relationship. Although I love fabrics such as satin and cotton, I don’t see myself getting behind denim maxi skirts. As for denim maxi skirts, they have too much denim and I firmly believe that denim is worn best when it’s subtle and simple, and adds personality to your outfit — such as a little denim vest top. In terms of functionality, I think that denim maxi skirts are too constricting unless they have slits on either side. Double-slitted skirts allow for a better silhouette, preventing the shape of the body from getting lost in the swarm of denim. Ultimately, maxi denim skirts look rough; they aren’t feminine enough for my personal style.

Ariel: Maxi denim skirts are the perfect bridge between work and casual attire. Picture this, it’s a hot day out with heavy wind and you’re deciding on a professional outfit that’ll still keep you cool under the blazing sun. You walk to your first day of work in a dark wash maxi denim skirt and a clean blouse fresh out of the dryer. The next day, you’re going to a cute café with a couple of your friends. You look at the skirt you just wore yesterday for work and decide it’s also casual enough for a hangout. With a slouchy cardigan and the same denim maxi skirt, you head out the house with satisfaction. The point is, this piece is versatile enough for you to wear on any occasion.


Baggy jeans

As a society, we really went full circle: from skin-tight skinny jeans in 2016 to super duper baggy jeans today, and somewhere along the line we passed the sweet spot for legroom in our denim apparel. Where will it end? When will we deem the perfect denim fit? I am a hardcore hater of skinny jeans because I hate the feeling of denim so close to my pores (please just let my skin breathe). On the flip side, I detest extremely baggy pants, because I notice that my silhouette gets lost in the ocean of stiff fabric. Baggy pants are not flattering on my body type, and are generally difficult to pull off. 


Shoes – Demonias


Mitali: When I saw Demonias for the first time, it really made me question where the fashion industry is headed. What’s going to happen next? Wearing shackles as chokers? Demonias simply look like Doc Martens if they were arrested. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE eccentric features on accessories, but demonias take it so far that they have crossed the point where they simply can’t be redeemed. The chains and buckles on the shoe get so overwhelming for me, and no matter how much I rack my brain, I can’t figure out a way to style these monstrous shoes without making my outfit look tacky. This could be because I personally can’t pull off the grunge style. It could also be that demonias are ridiculously ugly, you decide.

Ariel: As a 5’3 girl, platform shoes are undoubtedly my best friends. To me, there’s nothing better than a pair of shoes that can add so much more to my height. Introducing demonias, the epitome of the grunge-rock Y2K aesthetic. Their classic shoe features a whopping five and a half inch platform below-the-knee boot adorned by buckles. A common misconception that many people have is that these boots only cater to one style. Yes, their most prominent style is based on grunge, but there are multiple other designs that could be flawlessly incorporated in someone who has, say streetwear style. On their website, you can even find mary janes with heart buckles, perfect for a soft cottagecore aesthetic. All I’m saying is that they deserve a chance in your wardrobe. 


Mary Janes 

If I had to choose one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, I would rock a sweet shiny pair of MJs. They are dynamic, sleek (yet dainty), and elevate ANY outfit. They can be dressed up with a pair of sheer socks or dressed down with a pair of straight legged jeans which makes them extremely usable and perfect for almost any occasion (save rock-climbing). Sporting a pair of Mary Janes on your feet will automatically boost your confidence and your look. 


Accessories – Colored tights 

While colored tights make a loud, funky statement that I can get behind, they remind me too much of my elementary school days, where I’ve definitely donned bright purple tights under a tiered skirt more times than I can count. I can admire its appearances on a model runaway, styled by professional designers, but it pains me to imagine how people would wear this on a daily basis. The only viable way I see colored tights being styled is under an oversized poncho and some heels. 


Sheer socks

Out of all the trends we have discussed, we saved one of the best trends for last. This subtle yet dashing detail under a pair of Mary Jane shoes turns any basic outfit into a bold one. Sheer socks can either be colorful or be embellished details such as glitter or rhinestones which make the outfit more classy. My personal favorite are rhinestones as they make my outfits look more feminine and chic. These accessories are vastly versatile as they come in different patterns and styles, which makes them a great addition to almost any outfit.