When a lie transforms into love

Tristan Pongrujaporn, Staff Writer

In 2014, a hilarious spin-off tale of two star-crossed lovers took the anime industry by storm, making “Nisekoi” a renowned hit for boys and girls alike.

“Nisekoi”, also known as “False Love”, was adapted from a famous manga series into a renowned anime sensation.

We find ourselves forced into the daily life of Raku Ichijo, the son of an infamous yakuza boss. He awakens every morning and cooks his gang breakfast, then heads off to school where he tries to be as normal as any teen in high school could be, but being the son of a yakuza boss, he’s also the heir apparent to the gang.

Right as the school gates shut, Ichijo makes his way to his first period homeroom,   when all of a sudden, a girl somersaults over the 15-feet tall school gates and knees Ichijo right in the face. Ichijo retaliates to find a strawberry blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful girl with a red ribbon in her hair and a piece of toast in her mouth. She apologizes and runs off to class, leaving Ichijo in the dust.

Ichijo gets to his first period class and is patched up by his crush Kosaki Onodera, and they find a new transfer student, who just so happens to be Chitoge Kirisaki, the girl who nailed Ichijo in the face before class.

Their meeting is quite unsightly as they hurl insults at one another, leaving the class in awe. Ichijo’s nerves pop and he calls Chitoge a gorilla, causing her to “falcon punch” Ichijo across the room.

As Ichijo contemplates how Chitoge could be such a vulgar girl, he realizes that the necklace he has cherished since he was a kid is missing. He comes to the conclusion that it fell off when Chitoge nailed him in the face before first period, so he enlists the help of the reluctant Chitoge.

With their relationship looking very bumpy, their homeroom teacher forces Ichijo to look after Chitoge and show her around the school, as well as manage the school’s pet farm.

Ichijo’s necklace is a large golden locket with a keyhole in the middle to unlock it. When he was a child, Ichijo met his first love, and upon their reunion many years after, she would unlock the locket using the key that Ichijo bestowed to her, fulfilling the promise to marry one another. Ichijo tells Chitoge of this story, and why it means so much to find it, but she thinks it’s a bunch of sappy junk; later she finds his necklace and returns it to him.

At the end of all of these interesting events, Ichijo returns to his family mansion, only to learn that his father set-up a relationship for him. There have been recent turf wars between the yakuza and a new unknown gang, so to resolve it, the two respecting leaders decided to unite the gangs by having their children date.

Just when Ichijo thought his day couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that the girl that he’s supposed to date is none other than Chitoge.

Ichijo’s world is thrown upside-down when this fake relationship ultimately leads to him to the identity of his childhood romance.

“Nisekoi”, due to its popularity, has recently started its second season, airing every Friday on Japanese television, but fans can view the entire first season online at: http://www.crunchyroll.com/nisekoi.

This anime is a “harem” in which the male protagonist is surrounded by multiple girls who are infatuated with him. The interesting part of this anime is that harem animes are geared more toward the male audience, but surprisingly, there is a huge female fanbase for this anime.

This is because “Nisekoi” has a unique art style that has been unseen throughout the large variety of anime titles. Another reason is because it simply is an amazing, well-written love story. It all sounds cliché, but the overall basis of this love story is profoundly intriguing. Of course the creator/writer, Naoshi Komi, inserted some extra obstacles for Ichijo to deal with. Ichijo has a crush on his classmate, Kosaki Onodera, but he has his childhood friend, Marika Tachibana, Chitoge’s bodyguard, Seishiro Tsugumi, Kosaki’s younger sister, Haru, and his childhood friend who is two-years-older than him, who also becomes his homeroom teacher, who are all in love with him.

This may all sound a little concerning as it makes Ichijo seem like a womanizer, but that is not the case. Fans have created many “shipping wars” or “team wars”, spouting the phrases like, “Team Chitoge! Team Onodera! Team Tachibana! Team Tsugumi!”

But when it comes down to it, viewers really can’t choose who deserves to be with Ichijo, because they all do. All of the girls genuinely love Ichijo for all of his faults and virtues, and that’s what makes this an incredible love story.

Watch as a true love story unfolds and find out who possesses the key to unlock Ichijo’s heart in “Nisekoi”. Check out the link above and get started, but be prepared to be blown away.