May Horoscopes

Bianca Johnson, Staff Writer

Aries: You find yourself growing aggravated in the month of May. Regain patience by taking time to relax and release built up stress. It will not only benefit you, but also those who had to deal with your short temper.

Taurus: Life has many roadblocks, but lately it seems nothing has gone your way. Continue to do all that you can and eventually your  problems will be solved and deadlines will have been met.

Gemini: You have worked very hard for as long as you can remember and you are starting to burn out. Each day seems earlier than the previous and you have started to count the hours and minutes until you can rest. Carry on with your hard work and you will prosper.

Cancer: The quicker summer approaches, the longer the days seem to last. You find yourself daydreaming more often than not. Although having a vivid imagination proves useful, there are certain times that it is more of a distraction.

Leo: The night has always calmed you down to a certain extent, but this month, you find yourself tired and unable to sleep properly. Try different activities to see what fits best for you, whether it is yoga, running or simply reading a book. Tea is also a great way to help your body relax and help induce undisturbed sleep.

Virgo: The assignments and to-do-lists keep building up and seem never ending. Take one thing at a time and go at your own pace. Do your best and put things in perspective. It is not the end of the world to take time and do something you enjoy.

Libra: All around you, people seem to know exactly what they want, but you are feeling a bit lost and left behind. It is quite natural to not know what you want and to try many different things. Regardless of age, there will always be millions of new things to learn and experience.

Scorpio: This month you have felt down and depressed. You cannot seem to shake the blues, regardless of what you do. Spend time with the ones you love and talk about how you are feeling. Do little things that you enjoy and in some time you will find yourself out of your rut.

Sagittarius: You have recently tried something that you have never even thought of doing, and you are having second thoughts about it. Despite the results, you will grow as a person from this experience and learn things about yourself that you never knew.

Capricorn: You will discover very disappointing news, and you will not know how to deal with it. Although you are very independent and pride yourself on self-dependency, do not be afraid to lean on others for support. You do not have to face anything alone.

Aquarius: The temperature outside is rising and so is your energy level. There are so many things you want to do, places to see and friends to spend time with. Take a break from all these high energy activities from time to time so that you do not overexert yourself.

Pisces: Any time a difficult situation is present, tensions will rise. Everyone thinks that their way is the correct way and sometimes lose sight of others around them. Put yourself into their shoes and try to see their perspective on things. Work on trying to reach a middle that pleases all parties.