A Guide Through Dougherty’s School Lunches

Buying a lunch can be a daunting task for those who haven’t bought lunch at Dougherty Valley many times, and it all comes down to getting the right meal.

You may ask: what is in a right meal? But the answer is quite simple.  A good meal at school is something that is healthy, affordable and filling. This boils down to the main part of the meal rather than the sides, for the option of milk and fruits are very hard to go wrong with.

Choosing a main course from the school lunch options allows you to choose the following: pizza slices, orange chicken, parfaits, burgers or paninis.

The pizza at school isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great either. Honestly though, how can you go wrong with pizza? It consists of melted cheese on some light marinara sauce on top of a crisp crust. It can be considered bland, is not the most healthiest option on the menu, but does fill you up enough to ensure you aren’t starving for the rest of school. Sides are strongly recommended, especially for big eaters. All in all, the pizza is a good representation of the average school lunch.

Orange chicken, next on the menu, is a plate full of rice and chicken along with some broccoli. Some students called this dish the “most flavorful” dish at school. Sure, this dish has a little tanginess to it that will coat your mouth with a zesty orange aftertaste, but the plateful doesn’t seem to be able to fill a stomach.

Junior Eashan Garg said, “I don’t like the orange chicken as much because it is not as filling” after completing his meal.

Parfaits at Dougherty have become very popular among many students. It packs a blend of strawberry yogurt with fruits and granola that you mix together. It is a great option for someone who wants to stick to a light, healthy and fast meal. Of course, the one downside to this meal is that it won’t be able to fill someone up easily. Some students found it more as a snack for brunch rather than a true lunch, but lets leave that decision up to your appetite.

The burgers are very similar to the pizza at Dougherty Valley.  It replicates what is considered the stereotypical school lunch. It holds a slab of meat in between two buns along with lettuce and some garnishes. The burger is also a safe option to go with if you are not sure on what to eat but would like to be filled up. This meal will ensure that you stay content until at least the end of school.

Last, but certainly not the least, is the panini. These paninis seem to be students’ favorite meal for many reasons. The panini is basically a grilled sandwich with the usual filling. The interesting part about this dish is that it is able to fill every student up to a healthy amount, and also tastes great.

Freshman Arjan Dogra said, “ I would pick the panini because I don’t really like the other lunch options.”

Menus for the school lunches are available for viewing along the outside walls of the commons.

Next time you are at the counter deciding what to get for lunch, remember to ask yourself what you want and pick accordingly.