Slang of the month

  1. The Sausage Movement

Making a rap with your friends where you mention the word sausage in every verse.

Example: “Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!/ “I’m a vegetarian but I still eat SAUSAGE!”

  1. Salty

Being upset about a situation because one is being overly sensitive.

Example: “Karrueche is salty because Rihanna stole her man.”

  1. It’s Lit

When something is poppin’, usually a party or function.

Example: “Is Prom good or nah?”

“Yes, it’s so lit!”

  1. Dusty

When one looks dirty and unattractive (used as an insult).

Example: “Your hair’s uneven and you look dusty.”

  1. Thirst Trappin

When someone posts a picture or video of themselves looking extremely attractive in the hopes of someone complementing them.

Example: “Twitter between the hours of 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. is when people are thirst trappin.”

  1.  Extra

When someone does too much or tries too hard.

Example: “Wow — stop being so extra.”