Mr. Wildcat candidates prepare for a night of competitive pageantry


Mimi Evans, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Wildcat takes place on May 14, but the competition is already heating up as 12 of Dougherty’s most eligible princes compete for the title of Mr. Wildcat.

Mr. Wildcat is Dougherty’s most popular non-dance event, selling out for the past three years. Similar to some aspects to a beauty pageant, Mr. Wildcat combines talent and question portions with choreographed dance numbers for a night that promises to entertain.

Senior and contestant Cesar Dominguez is excited in particular for the group dances, noting that “we’ve worked super-hard on them and they’re extremely funny.”

The theme for this year’s Mr. Wildcat is Disney Princes, and Dominguez will be representing Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid”. Dominguez, who says that he shares Eric’s “love for water”, admits that he’s not really interested in winning Mr. Wildcat, but rather enjoying the overall experience.

“It’s not about the title, it’s about entertaining people and continuing this great tradition that we have.”

Not so for senior Tommy Jew, who was cast as the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”. He is taking a competitive stance on the event, saying, “I know it’s supposed to be fun, but I’m taking it as a competition. I’m trying to have the best, well-rounded performance. I am not the best at one thing but I’m pretty good at all of them.”

The event will be judged by Mr. Worley, Mr. and Mrs. Seipel, Ms. Lazar and San Ramon mayor Bill Clarkson. It will be hosted by Mr. Tisa and Mrs. Galaviz. Last year’s winner Afolabi Adeoti, who represented Hades, wowed the judges with his powerful singing performance.

Despite the competition, there is a definite sense of camaraderie among the candidates. Luke Fowler, who shares the quality of ‘great hair’ with Prince Philip explains, “I’m excited to see everyone’s talents and how the whole process of Mr. Wildcat turns out”.

The boys have been working very hard to prepare for the event, with dance rehearsals taking place every Sunday. The selection process for the contestants themselves was relatively rigorous, with an interview portion (and attendance check by admin) determining who made the first round of cuts.

The response was positive for the promotional trailer that was played at both blacklight rallies before Spring Break. However, the event is expected to sell out whether or not it is heavily promoted.

Leadership teacher Mr. Bowen, who most identifies with “Prince Jafar”, has attended every Mr. Wildcat in the school’s history. His favorite memory was the 2012 Mr. Wildcat, because “it was the first group of seniors who went all four years at Dougherty. It was the first year it felt like this is a big event … the first event that sold out. I just remember that it was that year that was really hyped — [it] kicked off the tradition.”

Between bursts of “young man!” from the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” blasting from his speakers, Mr. Bowen also shared his theory on why Mr. Wildcat is so popular.

“Realistically it’s popular because it’s funny senior guys doing senior stuff.. [But honestly, it’s a] fun night for the sake of fun. There are not a lot of [other] things at our high school that are associated with entertainment and fun.”

For anyone on the fence about attending the events, the Princes (and one Sultan) have a variety of responses.

“Definitely go; just because it’ll be an overall good time. It’s fun, entertaining, you’ll get a good laugh and watch us make fools of ourselves on stage,” said Dominguez.

“It’ll definitely be one of the best school events that you will go to.” Jew declared.

“You’ll just miss out on a great opportunity,” Fowler added.

As for Mr. Bowen? “If you don’t want to attend you probably won’t get a seat.”

Mr. Wildcat is on Thursday, May 14 from at 7-9 pm. Tickets are on sale for $7 with ASB/$10 without, and $10 at the door.