Men’s golf starts smooth season

DV men’s golf is having a fortunate season. Dougherty Valley Men’s golf team defeated Dublin in second game of the season with score of 197:210 on Thursday 12 Mar at Blackhawk Falls. Leading the team was Ash Hakim led the team with an impressive score of 36, followed by Ansh Roge 38, San Zhang 39, Nikko Lee 40 and Sudip Domala 43. Current DV league score is two wins against Dublin and Las Lomas on 9 Mar at Boundry Oaks with score of 207:212.  Leading the team was  Ash Hakim with an even par 36, followed by Sudip Domala 41, San Zhang 41, Aaron Ho 44, Ansh Roge 45 and Nikko Lee 46. Josh Yi commented about the season, “We are looking forward to our next game. This game, everyone played to their full potential and we are really coming together as a team” next match is against Dublin on 26 March.