Men’s Varsity Volleyball Team Dominates Antioch First Game of the Season

I have been a fan of Dougherty Valley’s Men’s Varsity Volleyball team for as long as I have been a Wildcat. Their team chemistry —how the players seem to think as a whole during games— and the players’ individual skills has always amazed me.

And yet again does the men’s varsity volleyball team surpass my expectations.

On March 5, 2015, the Wildcats battled against the Panthers in Dougherty Valley’s main gym. Only one feline could be left standing, and with an overall score of 3-0, the Wildcats asserted their dominance with a victory.

Thomas Nelson and his strategic hits sent the crowd in an uproar as he pulverized through the tallest of Antioch’s players.

Nelson expressed, “The best part of the game is when you get the big kill or block or facial shot and everyone goes crazy.”

The entire team continued their strong start and finished the first set 25-15.

The beginning of the second set seemed rough, as Antioch soared ahead, but as Dougherty’s crowd cheered on, the Wildcats came back with full force.

Most notable was Andrew Um, who scored multiple points through hits that Antioch could not defend.

The two cats battled head to head, claw to claw, but only one could come out as king, and Dougherty’s Wildcats held strong, finishing the set with 25-21.

Antioch took a commanding lead during the third set, and it almost seemed as if Dougherty lost its energy.

Mistakes were made, and at one point, Antioch was ahead by eight points.

Nonetheless, Dougherty picked up its game, with a powerful defense that blocked any chance of Antioch from succeeding any further.

Jon Cavote’s booming jump serves scared Antioch as the volleyball cannoned above the net and demolished the Panthers.

The Wildcats ended the third set once again with 25-21.

Out of the three sets played, the Wildcats came out victorious.

After the game, Um mentioned how excited he was to start the season strong.

He said, “…It was really nice to see the team playing well together. We’ve been working really hard in practice and it’s rewarding to see our hard work pay off in our win.”

The men’s varsity volleyball team is scheduled to play Campolindo on April 21.

Prospects remain high for the group of skillful players, with such team chemistry that, as Nelson said, “is like an ionic bond”.