Rock out to these local concerts: part two

Julia James, Staff Writer

There is a certain energy, a vibe, an all-consuming feeling felt at concerts. There is unity among us as we scream for the artist we are so excited to see, as we sing along and sway to the music together. We are experiencing and enjoying the music with one another and it’s wonderful.

Concerts are fun; it’s as simple as that. It’s fun to see the artists whom you’ve been obsessing over for however long you’ve been obsessing over them.

There is a major difference when hearing artists live. It’s amazing, the music is much more overwhelming and engulfing and the experience is always unforgettable.

If you haven’t been to a concert, whatever your reason, it’s okay. There is time to change that. We live in the wonderful state of California where fantastic artists perform on a daily basis. Find an artist or band and listen to their music and see if you like it.

Since I know we all can’t be so musically challenged, show your support and have fun at whatever concert you’ve been dying to attend. Hopefully the ones that you are into at the moment are on the list.

This list is of singers and bands who will be in town this month. The list speaks for itself. Many great artists will be in our vicinity soon.

As I mentioned in the first concert article in the Tribune’s October issue, once again not many, or really any, rap or country artists will be in San Francisco in April. I’m clueless as to why, but there is always room to expand your repertoire of music.

If you’re unfortunately musically-challenged, maybe more so than others, you might need a bit more help in choosing a concert to attend.

There is of course the obvious Ariana Grande, who we all know is crazy talented, or Hoizer with his commanding voice. But if you don’t want to be in that music scene then pick Stone Temple Pilots, for example, who have been around forever and have a ton of history.

Stone Temple Pilots is a 90s band. They have a truly 90s grunge rock band feel and sound to them. They are awesome. Excuse my word choice, as awesome is so underwhelming, but it is true they are an awesome band. The band has a multitude of albums, as they have been making music for around 20 years now. The lineup of STP  has recently changed tremendously. The former lead singer, Scott Weiland, who was with the band since ‘85, has been let go and replaced by Chester Bennington, the lead singer from Linkin Park. Bennington, when performing STP’s songs, sounds similar to Weiland, so while the lineup change is drastic, the sound isn’t as much. STP is a really great, classic, authentic, surviving 90s rock band, with gritty sound and all.

Take a break from studying for the multitude of AP tests you’ve paid for this year and go buy a ticket, hop on the BART and hang out in the city before you enjoy an amazing concert later that night.