One Acts Festival returns to DV

The renowned actors of DVHS Drama will try on a different role as directors of original plays in the student-run One Acts Festival on Apr. 23-25.

All performers have tested their abilities through song, dance and acting, but they decided to reverse the roles this time around. The premise of the student-directed One Acts Festival is to allow students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to direct a show instead of being in one.

One Acts originated in 2011 at DVHS as the brainchild of one of the first graduating classes here at Dougherty. Sadly in 2014, the One Acts did not make a return when two shows, “Biloxi Blues” and “Steel Magnolias”, replaced it. However, it has now returned with many entertaining acts that drama students assure audiences will love.

The directors are all familiar faces to those who frequent the DV theatre scene. Ryan Chiu, Taylor DuFrane, Megan Olivera, Dillon Aurelio-Perata and Nathan Tandowsky, dramatic and comedic actors known for their talents, will bring their original plays to DVHS.

Chiu didn’t want to say anything about his play at all.

“It’s a surprise,” he said.

Yet he has clear motives as to why he is switching his role for the spring performance.

“I have acted in many shows in my life. I have experienced what it’s like from the stage and I want to try out my skills and see what it’s like to work on a show from the audience,” he explained.

Aurelio-Perata, on the other hand, is eager to share a little sneak peak at his original play “Perfect Score”.

The play is both a comedy and drama that follows the lives of four high school seniors as they prepare for what lies beyond high school, he said.

“One’s a Straight A student, one’s a jock, one’s a hippie and one’s a comedic slacker. Together they all endure the intense process of figuring out with what they want to do for the rest of their lives.”

Aurelio-Perata is grateful for the opportunity to direct “Perfect Score”; after he saw the play live, he instantly fell in love.

“It’s so relevant to Dougherty. My goal is for people to see themselves up on that stage,” he said.

Tandowsky is excited to see his hard work pay off this spring with his original play called “Everything’s Alright”.

“It’s essentially about a couple driving to dinner, when misunderstandings of directions and comedic hijinks ensue,” he stated.

Taylor DuFrane’s play tells the tale of a relatable struggle that most teenagers and adults face in their lives: dealing with DMV employees.

He said that “The ‘DMV Tyrant’ is about a guy who is trying to get his driver’s license. He took and passed the test; however, due to an error, his name was never put into the computer. The play revolves around the man attempting to explain the issue to the DMV lady who couldn’t care less.”

Every year in the past, the unique Festival delivered performances constantly on the receiving end of praise. This year is no different; in fact, with the line-up of experienced actors-turned-directors conducting amusingly relatable plays, the Festival is predicted to retain its popular appeal and acclaim.

Be ready to laugh along and be inspired by fantastic performances put on by Dougherty’s aspiring thespians on Apr. 23-25.