Art of Young Manliness: Pre-Prom Prep

Art of Young Manliness: Pre-Prom Prep

Prom is less than two months away, and for most guys that seems like more than enough time to make appropriate preparations.

The thinking is logical; flowers can be bought a few days in advance, a tuxedo the week before, while reservations for dinner can be planned the morning of Prom.

This philosophy makes sense for any other dance. However, this is Prom, and your chance to make it memorable. After all, you want to one day show your kids and wives pictures of the event without leaving them cringing from your faux pas.

Generally, guys know the rules of proper dance attire and that outlandish outfits leave a lasting impression on your date and reputation. However, there are some secrets behind Prom prep that will impress your date and  improve your planning skills.

These simple understandings leads to happier times before, during and after the dance. Quite simply, pre-dance festivities are important, and one should put as much detail into constructing the perfect night as they do their dance moves. Remembering that tuxedo rental options are limited, restaurants have a limited capacity and flowers wilt rather quickly means finishing preparations as early as possible.

  1.  Tuxedos

Tuxedos are the most valuable commodity, as options become limited the closer Prom becomes. Depending on whether or not you want options on color and trim, visiting a tuxedo rental store within the next week ensures the best chances of finding fewer common suits. The reason for finding your tux early, however, is more for fit than color. Often a suit that fits well is one of only a few in stock, and waiting even a few days frees it up for purchase.

  1.  Dinner Preparations

Beyond tuxedos, it is generally the asker’s responsibility to set up pre-Prom dinner. It’s likely you’ll work with your date’s parents, friends and others to find a suitable place. Already this task sounds daunting; working with parents is the last thing you might want to do.  There is another added difficulty: which restaurant and how early in advance should a table be reserved?

In general, many local restaurants, as well as those in the general vicinity of the venue, will be packed. Reservations are necessary, especially for larger parties. As many others may have a similar idea where to eat, it’s best to also reserve seats as early as possible. While a couple of weeks may sound outlandish, this ensures a table. Not reserving seats and expecting restaurants to accommodate a large party leads to long wait times and disappointed dates.

Call the restaurant as soon a consensus is decided upon; you’ll make the manager’s job easier and take some well-deserved credit. (Pro tip: most restaurants charge a gratuity fee to large parties ranging from 8-18%. Be prepared to pay more for check-splitting and split-plate meals.)

  1.  Flowers

Flowers are a huge part of the pre-Prom ritual. It’s wise to go above and beyond for this dance; while Safeway builds wonderful bouquets, consider asking an actual florist to do an arrangement that looks better and lasts longer than supermarket flowers. These flowers are taken care of, generally more vibrant and live longer due to better treatment.

A good florist minimizes the shock caused to the flowers upon their removal, resulting in a healthy bouquet. Flowers are time-sensitive; even flowers from a dedicated florist wilt if handled poorly. Call  a florist five days before the event, specifying the followers wanted and in what quantity.

The morning of the dance is a good time to pick up the flowers, refrigerating them to keep the moisture in the petals and maintain their appearance.

These three simple preparations can spell victory or disaster for the night. If all goes well and preparations are made far enough in advance, the pre-dance will be as smooth and comfortable as any other date. While your date may not show it, she will be secretly proud of the fact you organized the event by yourself (or with the help of a few close guy-friends), which goes a long way towards trust in future date-planning and potential relationships.