Take a trip to one of these spots to maximize spring break potential


Ifedunni Segun-Abugan, Opinions Editor

As Spring Break approaches, it’s time we start looking forward to vacation time with friends and family. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect relaxation destination, then worry no more. Here are the top three Spring Break spots The Tribune picked.

Venice Beach, California. Of course, our number one pick for top destinations is Venice Beach, here in our very own California. This tiny beach resort town, which receives millions of visitors each year, has big things to offer.If you’re not really much of a sLaswimmer,  don’t fear. There are plenty out-of-water activities for those who aren’t looking to get wet. If you’re not looking for swimming or entertainment, you can always take the most traveled route and go shopping. Venice Beach offers plenty of attractions to keep visitors busy. You might even run into your favorite celebrities or Youtubers while you’re there.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like a mixture of Venice Beach and Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach is every student’s dream vacation. There are shows, fishing, sightseeing and beautiful beach spots, and all for a price that fits a student budget.

The first thing that makes Myrtle Beach a top Spring Break destination is how cheap it is to get a hotel. If you and your friends are looking for the easiest lodging option, then Myrtle Beach is definitely the place. Attractions at this location include the beach boardwalk, the SkyWheel and the Speedway. However, if you’re just looking for a peaceful day in the sun, you can always just put up an umbrella and soak up some rays on the beach.

New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s no surprise that New Orleans is one of our favorite vacation spots. This near-ancient town in Louisiana is rich with a culture that can only be described as mystical.

On the streets of New Orleans, you’ll see countless fortune-tellers, tarot card readers and many other people of similar occupation. Who knows? Maybe this Spring Break you’ll find true love or unlock the secrets that might lead you on wild adventures.

New Orleans is also known for its delicious cuisine. Visit restaurants like The Alibi Bar or Arabella Casa di Pasta of the Mojo Lounge. Each meal is rich with diverse flavors and locally-themed meals, which have been prepared for generations, each containing a detailed history.


Piktochart by Veronica Liow

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2015/03/12/spring-break-destinations-twitter/70202534/