Spring Photo Series

Jia Takayoshi and Praneetha Bhogi

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  • A plethora of vibrant flowers sprout alongside sidewalks, filling the air with a pleasant aroma.

  • Even in stores, artificial flowers on display for purchase, where customers can decorate their homes with accents of spring.

  • Sakuras, or cherry blossoms, add splashes of color to the previously barren trees.

  • To keep up with the changing seasons, stores have started setting up bright plant displays with ambient lighting.

  • After daylight savings and the transition into warmer weather, more and more residents have started taking evening walks, where colorful sunsets are a daily view.

  • A warm, sunny day is accompanied with a picnic, as a charcuterie board of various fruits and cheeses highlight the platter of this event.

  • White cherry blossom trees brighten up neighborhood streets in San Ramon, as its petals decorate the ground like freshly fallen snow.

  • With spring comes a new burst of energy, as children spend their free time outside with their friends.

  • A stroll in Monarch Park brings the view of vibrant purple flowers, complimenting the hues of greenery.

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