Feb 25: DV Fest and Junior Prom photoseries

Praneetha Bhogi and Jia Takayoshi

Feb. 25 was a day filled with school spirit as Dougherty hosted its first DV Fest and junior prom. With melodious live music from fellow students, a variety of cuisines served by multiple food trucks, and the dodgeball tournament finals, DV Fest successfully caught the attention of students. Later in the night, juniors enjoyed a classy evening at their prom at the Lake Chalet Seafood Bar and Grill. Accentuated with an assortment of food options as well as activities like karaoke and silent disco, the night under the stars was a night to never forget.

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  • The first soloist featured at DV Fest was freshman Emma Chigbu, who shared her original songs to the audience.

  • Maria Matos (freshman) sings “Love Story” by Taylor Swift accompanied with acoustic guitar tunes while Akhil Nambiar (senior) holds a mic due to a technical difficulty.

  • An audience of Dougherty Valley students watch as the dodgeball players battle for a victory.

  • Ethan Hsu, a senior at DVHS, is pictured throwing a dodgeball at the opposing team.

  • Food trucks provide affordable food and drinks for students enjoying DV Fest, the savory aroma and chatter filling the atmosphere.

  • A series of booths are led by DV club members advertising their organizations on colorful tri-fold poster boards.

  • Students immediately crowded around the most popular attractions at DV Fest: the food trucks. Saigon Street Food, Kona Ice (shaved ice), and Rosie’s Mexican Food served a mix of cuisines as students listened to live music.

  • The formal dining area at the Lake Chalet Seafood Bar and Grill was transformed into an area where students could take a break from the crowded dance floor by participating in karaoke.

  • The dance floor is filled with energy as students jump and dance to the upbeat music.

  • An assortment of appetizers, ranging from garlic fries to cheeseburger and lobster sliders, paired with drinks and desserts were displayed on the dock of Lake Chalet. Nearby dining areas overlooking the lake were dimly lit with bulb string lights, creating a cozy ambiance.

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