Softball Preview

With its success in the recent years, including reaching the first round of NCS, Dougherty Valley High School’s Softball Team is extremely hopeful and determined to make history this season.

With each year, new, young talents are introduced, heightening strength and competition within schools. Along with these new young talents come promises and a separate time and space given to the sport and to team development. “This season has incredible potential. Everyone on the team has the same goals, and we are all working towards reaching these goals,” says Rachel Ingram, who plays first base.

The Varsity team looks most forward to their game against Alhambra, their rival. Carolyn Lee, who pitches, is excited to see how they’ve strengthened in the last year since they’ve played and hopes to pulverize them this time.

Going by the ladies’ confidence, this is going to be an exciting season for Dougherty Valley High School Softball.