March Horoscopes

Aries: For those of you born in late March, wealth and power will find themselves into your hands. Although you are lucky this month, make sound choices regarding this wealth and power.

Taurus: Whether it is a fight with a friend or family member or a forgotten school assignment you will find yourself in trouble. You can’t control every aspect in life, but you can do your best to prepare for it.

Gemini: With spring just around the corner, people seem to be falling ill all around you. It is a good time to be a Gemini; you will remain healthy this month.

Cancer: In life one must work and strive for higher positions in anything they partake in. Cancer, your hard work and dedication has paid off, you will find yourself finally being recognized for your discipline and will advance on whatever you are working on.

Leo: Life is full of ups and downs and choices that will define one as a person. The month of March will bring difficult situations that will put your moral character to the test.

Virgo: You have grown overly comfortable with your life; the same routine has been repeated for as long as you can remember. Even though consistency is important for a stable life, try to shake things up, and do something you would never think of doing before.

Libra: . Life is not always full of justice and so when put into a situation where you have power, fair, unbiased judgment is the most fulfilling choice.

Scorpio: You have been patient for far too long and it is growing thin. This pent up aggression will most likely lead to an argument will someone dear to you. Remember that everyone will make an impact.

Sagittarius: Your life has grown rather plain: you hangout with the same people, eat the same food and enjoy the same things. Change up your scene and experience new things.

Capricorn: We can get caught up in the quick pace of life and overlook important things in life. Slow down once in a while and take notice of the small things.

Aquarius: The new year was just a few months ago, but you can already feel your drive to succeed is slowing down. Stay motivated and finish the school year strong.

Pisces: It is not often that opportunities will fall into our lap, but for the month of March, a risky opportunity will present itself. Take advantage of the options offered.