Tips for keeping up with second semester when the struggle sets in

Finals are over and the second semester of school is underway. At this point, many of us are transitioning into vacation mode: dreaming about beaches, late nights with friends and most importantly, no school. Sadly, we still have four months remaining of judicious decisions and diligence. For those of us who need an additional boost to get us through the next few months while maintaining our GPAs, there are numerous things that can be done.

Although SchoolLoop is extremely helpful, it will not be a part of our lives much longer, and it would be in one’s best interests to begin using a planner. By using a planner, you are more organized and you know which assignment is paramount or which one is the most time consuming. On top of regulating and keeping track of school work, planners are portable and can be used without the need of Wi-Fi; with that being said, another advantage of a planner is that it is obtainable without the use of an app or a laptop, therefore removing time spent on electronics and the possibility of being distracted by them.

In order to prolong your impressive GPA, maximizing your time is essential. Although Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram are exceptionally important, they can wait until your homework has been completed. Take advantage of time given during school to do homework, such as access and/or brunch. This way, you won’t feel the panic when it is midnight, and you suddenly remember the paper that is due in fewer than eight hours.

I personally feel that staying motivated is the best way to not fall behind second semester. However, this can be a difficult task with summer vacation quickly approaching. Creating small goals for yourself throughout the year can maintain incentives for trying in school. Some examples of small goals are studying to get an A on the upcoming test. An even simpler goal is to finish all the homework assigned for that day. It is crucial to make these goals challenging but not to the point that they discourage your efforts in school.

With the passing of the milestone that marked the second semester, we discover ourselves growing restless for the sweet relief that summer vacation brings. Despite what many students attempt to forget, second semester is as equally as important as the first. After roughly six months of strenuous work and dedication, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with second semester without any motivation. Do whatever works for you, and do not be afraid to seek out help.